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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I've Got Lots of Crab Apples

Last year I blogged about crab apple roll ups. Again this year my in laws were kind enough to bring us a box of crabs!(Thanks mom and dad! :) I thought I should show the process I use.
Crab Apple Sauce
First, I take my large pot and fill it almost 3/4 full of washed crab apples, I don't core, stem or deblossom them. Add a bit of water, just a bit. I don't add any sugar because they are oh so yummy without any sugar!I put this on the burner on medium and stir occasionally. It takes 15-20minutes to nicely steam them. Then I put them into my applesauce masher(thanks again Mr. Mike!) and using the wooden masher, I mash and mash them!

 This is the yummy result. Immediately a gang gathers with large bowls and spoons. I go back and put another batch on the burner. :)
 I pack them into square containers(square is the best for space conservation! :) and we look forward to warming them up for breakfast or snack on a cold morning!

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