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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The ever shrinking package

I had to blog this as I was utterly surprised. Like me you probably have noticed that the things you buy are in an ever shrinking package. Your 1kg has become 750g and you are paying the same price or even more than before! Well, the other day I was in Costco, I desperately needed chocolate chips. There they were on an end of the aisle sale for $10.79. I looked in my price book and was sad to see that they had gone up, but isn't that the way of groceries these days??? Imagine my surprise when I noticed(once I was home) that it was actually a larger size! Usually this comes in the 2kg size, not it's 2.4kg. That's $4.50/kg! I have lots of peanut butter so peanut butter chocolate chip cookies or granola bars will be made as soon as the heat wave passes!
By the way, these are still on sale at Costco  this week.

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