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Friday, September 2, 2011

This Week's Sales

The sunset on the Lake Okanagan...taken by my talented husband!
So it's September 1st, and to me this is more like the new year than January is. I enjoy this season, especially where I live now as we have a true fall. Right now there are beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. I am always shocked as it's only been 4 years that we have lived here, and I spent so many where the leaves all fell off right away and that was it...winter. I enjoy all the seasons, except winter, so I am never in a rush to get to it. Another reason I have to be thankful! Anyways, this time of year is a time of getting back into routines. We will be learning at home again this year, and have decided to start Sept 6.

Now is the time for harvesting. In our yard we have grapes(many, many grapes), plums(only half a tree this year after the bear took out the other half), hazelnuts(I am hoping this year the Stellar Jay might share!), and walnuts. Besides that this is the time to enjoy the upicks around town. I was told yesterday that there are peaches to be picked for .50/lb! We are coming to the time of year where it's getting safer to use the oven inside, evenings are cooler so the chance of getting things cooled off for sleeping is good. So, now is the time for planning how to properly preserve the bounty so it will last the winter. More on that in later posts!
Walmart 2-8
Red,green,or black grapes seedless .97/lb
Fresh Boneless Loin Center and Rib Pork Chops $7(this is a good deal if there is a kg or more in each package, be sure to root through them as they are all different weights and more is better!)
Cantaloupes are $1.47
Cucumbers .50
Pears .88/lb
Tomatoes .77/lb
Cauliflower .97
Royale TP 48singles for $9.97
Report covers(we called them duo tangs!).10
Bic pens $1 for 10 pack

Superstore 2-8
Sept 2-4 spend $250 get a $25 gift card
Chicken Legs $1/lb
Broccoli .96
Pears 6lbs $4.98(.83/lb)
Bok Choy .38/lb
Cantaloupe $1.46
Rye Bread is $1.66 when you buy 3
Whole Chicken $1.98/lb
10 pack Bic Pens .99
Black Diamond Cheese 700g $6.99

Extra Foods has the coupons on the front of their flyer. Mon and Tues 10-15% off when you spend $25-$100.

Shoppers Sept 3 only
SATURDAY ONLY 20X the points when you spend $50
Paper towel life brand $1.99 for 8 pack limit 4
Maxwell House coffee 925g $6.99 limit 4
Christie cookies and crackers $1.79 limit 4
Everyday Tuna 170g .59 limit 4
Campbellls' Soups .49 limit 4
Dempster's Hot Dog Buns 2/$3 for 12's limit 4
Sept 3-9
Everyday Market Butter $2.99(limit 4)

Safeway 2-8
Tuesday Sept 6 is 10%off day. Spend $35 minimum
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.99/lb ($26.36/box) limit 2
White Mushrooms $1.99/lb
Corn on the Cob 10/$4
Here's the Old Town Market Specials

A great deal on photos!!! Blacks has 50 6X8's! Yes, that's the big size for $5! I am seeing comments on their site that you can get the same deal on 4X6 and 5X7. I think I am going to print off some of our summer photos and use them as thank yous. Click here to check it out. Offer ends Sept 6.

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