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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Costco Brownies Vs Scratch Brownies

So, I was in Costco this week and saw the brownie mix was on sale. I have friends and family who swear these are better than anything you could make at home and they think cheaper. Well, being a family that learns at home, we decided to give it a whirl!

First, I found a recipe that was similar ingredients-wise. The one I chose was America's Test Kitchen brownies as most things ATK are very tasty and don't fail. Then I priced out all the same ingredients. The homemade was costing $5.56 and the Costco $5.49(this is for 4 square pans of brownies, note I substituted chocolate chips in the ATK recipe). So, cost-wise it's very similar.

Then, we had my son time my daughter and I as she made the mix and I made the scratch recipe. The mix took 5 minutes from bag to pan and the scratch took 6 minutes. I baked them both and then the kids did a blind taste test.

The pan on the left is the mix, the one on the right is the ATK brownies.  The verdict??? The mix is tastier!(We also had our neighbors be in on the blind taste test and they too chose the mix!(probably time to go to Costco, huh?)
It is more moist and chocolaty! This usually isn't true when you make a bagged mix, but not this time!

With the ingredients you add it works out to about $1.65/pan of brownies! On sale this week at Costco.

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Homeschool mom Sylvia said...

Great comparison Sue!!! Maybe you should approach Costco with your comparison.....some commission in the making??? You could put that at the display for brownies in exchange for a free case of brownies....Andy's idea. He wants to be your agent.

Sue said...

Thanks Sylvia! How much do you charge Andy! :)