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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Toilet Paper Deals at Canadian Tire???

Starting this Friday Canadian Tire has Majesta toilet paper, 8
double rolls for $3.99. At $3.99 it works out to .25/roll. How can you get it cheaper? There are 2 coupons out there, one for $2 and one for $1. These were from That would make this tp .12-.19/roll. It doesn't say that rain checks aren't allowed, so maybe you can get one if they are out? You may be able to ad match at Walmart, if they carry this size. Seems this is the catch with toilet paper deals, all stores carry different sizes!

Here's what the coupons look like.

What I Learned and Great Deals Today!

So, I went shopping today and learned fun, new things!
Walmart takes competitors coupons! Who knew?
So, the coupon for milk I talked about in this post, you can use
at Walmart! I was charged $3.65 for my milk. The Black Magic chocolates were a  screaming deal!
They say they are on sale for $1.50 at the door, but they ring in as $1.30!
Use the $1 off coupon
from the Carnation Hot Chocolate and it's .30!!!!

Crazy flash....sorry!

The 12 double rolls were on for $5.47, so with the coupon from Lakeview Market it was $3.47! This is .14/roll!!!

Total Walmart shop $22.67
Here's the coupon for the milk again. You can see the paper it was in in
this post

At Superstore I found out they price match Lakeview Market! I had the newspaper
with their ad in it and they have the margarine on for $2.98(no limit)! 
The Purex TP was on for $6.98 and just had a $1(maybe they still do?)
so this came to $5.98 for 15DBL rolls. It's not as good
as at Walmart where it is  $5.47 for 24. If you used this coupon you'd get it for just a little over .18/roll. So, if you have this coupon, use it at Walmart, not Superstore.(I went to Superstore first and needed TP and I was hoping they would take competitors coupons. They don't.)

Total at Superstore $38.30.

Quality Greens has Fuji and Mac apples for .49/lb!!!
Red Peppers are .99/lb.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Juice at McDonald's

The new McDonald's coupon book came in the mail today. There is a free juice coupon in it. Valid only at participating McDonald's restaurants in BC, Manitoba. and Whitehorse,YT.
It is good from Feb 28-April 1. Enjoy!

Freezing Milk

Today in the Event Paper(pictured above) which is a free paper we get delivered to our door, this coupon book was inside. Don't throw it out if you ever go to Lakeview Market, or even if you don't!
Walmart will take this coupon for a $1 off of their milk!

Here's the coupon for $1 off milk. The nice thing is is it's
good for the whole month of March so you could just
keep it in your vehicle for the next time you are near Lakeshore. Their Landmark Milk is usually
around $4.79, so with the coupon you'd pay $3.79! Olden day prices!! :)
Already have milk on hand, but want to take advantage of
this special? Why not freeze it?I just did an experiment with a small amount.I froze it in a large cottage cheese container.Making sure to leave space for it to expand.
When I defrosted it(the reason I did a small amount was A)to try it and B)so it would defrost fairly quickly). I put it in my mix master and re-stirred it all together. Then I gave each of my family members a glass, asking them how they liked this milk(they didn't know it had been frozen). Everyone said it just tasted like regular milk!!! Worried about the expiry date? Just figure out how many days until it expires from the day you freeze it. Write that on your container. If you are planning to freeze a whole 4L jug, be sure to take off 1 1/2-2 cups first, and allow it to defrost for at least a day in the fridge(it may take longer). I think I will freeze mine in glass canning jars next time. I would do this for 2 reasons. 1) so it defrosts quicker and 2) so I can just shake it up in the jar!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lasagna 907g for $.99!!!

This deal was posted by a 13 year old girl! Thanks Yellow Bananas!!!! A real deal finder! This week at Save On, the underlined link is the flyer, they have 907g of WF Lasagna for $3.99. There is a printable coupon here for $3 off, good until Feb 28. Making your lasagna .99!!!! Limit 4.....go get some, I'm going to!
There was 4 cheese and meat sauce, vegetarian and chicken to choose from. If you can't find them in the lasagna section don't
forget to look at the end of the aisle. Thanks Lynn for the tip!
Must have a Save On card, they are free at the store.

Brown Butter Parmesan Chicken Linguine

I found this recipe on How Sweet It Is. It's a food blog that I really enjoy reading, but I haven't actually ever made any of the recipes. This one looked easy enough for me to try. 
I think a good idea for next time would be to precook the chicken the day before and then just warm it in the frying pan, as this was the most time consuming of the steps. As well, I could have precut the onions, mushrooms and garlic ahead of time.
I altered it in the following ways. I used WAY more chicken as I was having my brother and his kids for supper.

Browning the chicken after seasoning with paprika, salt and pepper.

I didn't have any white wine, so I substituted apple juice(thanks for this tip Linda!) I didn't have fresh Parmesan so I used Kraft's.

I didn't have any butter(I know how pathetic is that!)so I used margarine!

I didn't have any linguine so I used spagettini.

So, in the end the result was MAGNIFICENT.....imagine if I had, had 
all the correct ingredients! You gotta try this!

Friday, February 24, 2012

This Week's Sales

Costco has Kraft Mozzarella cheese on sale 907g $8.49 only until Sunday Feb26.

Salsa is $4.98(lowest price is $3.48)

NN  Frozen Vegetables 2Kg $3.68(lowest $3.48)

Royale TP 40 doubles are $16.97

Staples has 16GB flash drive for $9.98.

Lakeview Market is having a 4 day sale.

Haven't had a chance, or couldn't find any Physicians Formula
make up? Don't worry They have it on sale this week at Rexall.

Shoppers is having 20X the points this Saturday.
The deals? 
Everyday Market tuna is .69(limit 4)SAT ONLY
Milk 4L is $4.39
Eggs are $2.49
Lettuce is .77
Donatello's pizza 395g-715g $3!(are you getting some Cory?)

Quality Greens

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pork Loin at Costco

 You were right's the post! :) 
Costco has boneless pork loin center  and rib cut at $4.79/kg.
With a $5 off coupon.
So, I bought one $16.88(3.525kg)
and one $16.24(3.390kg) (smaller is
a better deal).
After the discount of $5 on each the
price is $3.37/kg or $1.53/lb!!!!
This is a screaming deal! I have never
seen it this inexpensive. The lowest I have seen it
is $1.78/lb.
I buy it like this all the time and have blogged about it here.
Notice how it was February last, that's how the cycles work. This is
a good one to write into your price book! You know the one your just started....right now :)
Total cost for 2 loins that will make 4-5 meals each...$23.12
                   So, that's 8-10 meals or $2.31-$2.89 per meal!!!
                                  Sale is on until this Sunday.
                                         Go get some! :)
The end result....6 roasts, 12 pork chops, a portion of ground pork,
and a portion cubed!


Physician's Formula Mail in Rebate

Physician's Formula has mail in rebates again.
 Last year I blogged about them here
The forms are here 
I like this make up, but it's quite expensive normally. The mascara was $17.99! 
I got some free ones last year(the eyeliner and mascara) and I'm still using them!
This might be an idea for a teen girls present?? Or a stocking stuffer for your wife?
I sent this in Feb 29th and got the cheque May 9th.

This week(last day is Fri, Feb 24) Shoppers has Physician's Formula
make up for 40% off.  Combine this with the rebates available and
the concealer is free! I paid $8.95 and I will get back $9.

The Eye booster 2 in 1 lash boosting felt tip liner is$ 2.19
after $9 rebate.(sale price was $11.19).

Sent the MIR Feb 29th and received the cheque May 9th.

The pH Powered Lip gloss is free! I paid $8.95 and will get back $9 back. Be sure to check out all the rules. You need a separate
receipt for each MIR. This is an important step!
They each have their own rebate # for example PH 22. 

 The upc codes are particular and posted on
the site. What I did was I printed off the forms of the things I wanted and then I wrote the qualifying bar codes on the back
of my rebate form.
 For those of you here, I went to the
Orchard Plaza store and they didn't seem to have anything
except the lip gloss, the Rutland store, however, is fully
stocked.(It's a stand up display at the back of the makeup area, very close to the stock room door.)
So, why not wait until 20X the points? Well, the prices go back up
40% so the concealer will be close to $14(or maybe more)
 so you'd be paying
$6. You'd get 2800 points instead of 70. If you wait to cash out until 95000 points give you $250, then these points would be worth
$7.36. So, technically you'd be ahead $1.36.
This Saturday will be 20X the points when you spend $50, but I can't see
going as there isn't much on sale and I'd rather it
be free or close to it now.
Hope you can get some! :)

Update: Starting today, Feb 24, Rexall has Physician's Formula
on 40% off all week!