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Friday, April 30, 2010

This Week's Sales

Save On May 2-8
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.98/lb
Five Alive, Nestea or Fruitopia Juices 1.89L $1
Oranges .49/lb

Walmart April 30-May 6
Milk, Bread, Eggs and butter are still on sale
Romaine,Red Leaf, Green Leaf Lettuce 2/$1
Charmin TP 20 double rolls $7.98
Broccoli $1
Cheerios 260-330g $1.50
Cascade Dish washing Detergent 2.82Kg $5.97

Superstore May 1-7
Asparagus $1.77/lb
Strawberries 2lb $2.87
NN Cheese 907g $7.98
Tortillas $1.99
Cilantro .48/bunch
NN Sour Cream 1L $2.98
Black or Kidney Beans 2Kg $3.98

Shoppers May 2and May 3 only
Christie Cookies $1.49 limit 4
Ruffles or sunchips 2/$3 limit 4

Shoppers until May 7
Eggs $1.99 limit 2
Dempsters bread $2.49
Tortillas $1.99

Safeway April 30-May 2 only
Chicken Legs $1.29/lb limit 2
Safeway Softly TP 12 doubles or 24 regular $4.99

Nesters April 30- May 2 only
10lb Potatoes .98 limit 2!!!!
Apple juice Sun Rype 1L .88
Top Sirloin Steak $3.48/lb

Free Samples(these are some gooders!)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Using what's on sale and growing in the yard!

Rhubarb is up and ready! Strawberries have been on sale! Time to use what I have a make some yummy muffins. I used the recipe underlined, but I substituted 1/2 the whole with whole wheat flour and I added a little flax seed. They must have been ok as they didn't last!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was out doing my grocery shopping and was pleased to find that I didn't need to make many stops! Superstore had the bread that is on sale at Zellers(Country Harvest)for the same price as well as the milk, minute maid punch and eggs on sale at Walmart. They did not have the good price on strawberries that Save On(and even Cooper's has them at $5.99). I had my flyers in hand for all the stores as Superstore will match prices, but I noticed that they don't carry the same type of GUM toothbrushes that were on sale at London Drugs so I did have to go there.
I actually went to Princess Auto(sorry to all the PA fans but the smell of rubber in the store gives me a headache!)and was able to get everything on hubby's list! The Pure Energy batteries are fully charged and ready for use. They come with a 5 year guarantee! The trick now is to remember where the receipt is 5 years from now! Fortunately I have a filing cabinet set up for manuals and receipts(thanks to Confessions of an Organized Homemaker book)and now I have it written down in my blog! It will be under B for batteries!
Have you checked lately? There's a free Mars chocolate bar(You could put it in someone's lunch if you are trying to get all in shape for summer!)

April 28-May 3 Old Town Farm Market
Bananas .59/lb
Green Onions 3/.99
Baby Watermelon 2/$4
Did you know that the let you just buy one of sale items?So, if you only wanted 1 watermelon you could buy one for $2!
April28-May 3 Quality Greens
Spinach Fresh BC grown .99/bunch
Mini Watermelon $1.99(they call them personal size, I love it!)
Green Cabbage .59/lb(same price at Superstore)Did you know that if you like to make home made cabbage rolls you can skip the boiling the cabbage step? Just throw the whole cabbage in the freezer!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Free 5x7s at Costco and other deals

Can you see the little hummingbird sitting on the lights? He got all confused by the glass and I had to take this picture of him quick, so it's not a great shot.

Free 5x7s at Costco

Go to and members can get 8 Free 5x7 Prints with coupon code CWFPA426. Good until May 9th.

With a new account you also get 25free 4x6s.

London Drugs has Gum toothbrushes .99 starting April 27

Princess Auto has Pure Energy rechargable batteries!!! Check this out...4 AAA and a wall charger plus 4 AA batteries is $12.99
or get the 4AAAs, the charger and 12 AAs for $19.99!!!! This is $1.22/battery...never mind the charger! This sale starts Tuesday.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mashed Potato Refrigerator Dough

I came across this recipe years ago, while reading The Tightwad Gazette. It is fantastic and a wonderful way to stretch your food budget as well as help you out on busy days. It's great to be able to use up mashed potato leftovers, as this is the ingredient that makes it able to be kept in the fridge up to 5 days.(good luck with that, we have never had it last 5 days). While you are making the dough, if you are like me and that's a bit of a job, remind yourself that you basically are freeing up lots of time the rest of the week. I made the dough on Friday, quickly wrapped up my hot dogs in little blankets of the dough that morning. Then an hour before supper I took them out of the fridge to rise a little. The family loves hot dogs cooked in their own bun like this. Saturday morning I took out the dough an hour before making up these yummy cinnamon buns for breakfast. At the same time I shaped some buns for our hamburgers tonight! You can also make bread sticks, pizza pockets, and turnovers! Try it, you'll love it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

This Week's Sales

Shoppers April 24- May7

Large White Eggs $1.99 limit 1
Dempster's whole grain breads $2.49
Dempster's 7" Tortillas $1.99

Superstore 24-30

Mangoes 4.54kg $6.88
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $24.52 for 4Kg box, $2.78/lb!!!!
Boneless Sirloin or Loin Centre Cut $2.98/lb
Bok Choy .78/lb
Country harvest bread 2/$5
NN Frozen Veg 2kg $3.48
NN Perogies 2Lg $2.98
5lb Grapefruit $2.88
Fresh Broccoli Bunches .97 ea
Green or Red leaf Lettuce .77
Mushrooms 454g $1.98

Save On Apr 25-May 1
Strawberries 4lb $5.88(or use coupon on flyer and purchase 4 Kellogg's or Kashi cereals and get strawberries free)
Romaine .88
Field Cucumbers .88

Coopers Apr 25-May 1
Navel Oranges .49/lb

Zellers 23-29
Country Harvest Bread $2.19

Walmart 23-29
Dairyland Milk 4L $3.97
Great Value Eggs $1.97
Great Value Bread $1.67
Minute Maid Frozen Punch 355ml .57

Nesters April 23-25 only

Bananas 4lbs $1 limit 4lbs
Lean Ground Beef $1.48/lb
Kraft Dinner 2/$1 limit 2
Calabrese Bread .98

The Bargain Shop April 22-May 8

Ragu 700ml .97 limit 6
Baking Soda 500g .67 limit 6

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Flight sale and Midweek Deals

West Jet has a seat sale! Book today and fly by Oct 31,2010. Most sale flights are Tues,Wed, or Sat. I found some $49 seats(I was wondering if these deals were a thing of last year!)

Quality Greens 21-26
Okanagan • Royal Gala Apples $.49 / lb

Marketplace IGA 22,23,24 only
Smoke House Bacon 500g $2.39

IGA 18-24
Chicken Legs $1.49/lb family pack

April 19-25
Dairy Queen buy one Blizzard get another for .25

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Week's Sales

Safeway 16,17,18 only Apple Juice .77 1 Litre Did you know you can use apple juice as a substitute for white wine and sherry in cooking?(thanks Linda for the tip)

Superstore 17-23
April 17-18 No tax event

Neilson yogurt 175g 3/$1

Terra extra virgin olive oil $5 for 1L

Black Diamond Cheese 700g $6 limit 4

Top Sirloin Steak AA $3.67/lb(not lowest price)

NN English Muffins 6s $1

NN Chicken Wieners $1

Fresh Green Onions 4/$1
Seaquest King Crab surimi flakes 227g $1
PC Blade Steak $1.98/lb
Garlic Bread 450g $1.98
Old Mill Bread 570g $1.67
Old Mill Bagels 6's 2/$5(works out to .41/bagel which is okay, not lowest)
Ice burg Lettuce
Cantaloupe (large) $1.67
Green Beans .98/lb
Frozen Spinach 300g $1
NN BBQ Sauce 1.5L 2/$5
PC Chunky Salsa 1.85L $5(not lowest)

Shoppers April 17th only

Life Brand Paper Towel 8 rolls $1.99 limit 4
Life Brand Mouthwash 1L $1.88 limit 4
Secret Deodorant or antiperspirant $1.49 limit 4
Spend $50 and get 20X the points

Walmart 16-22
Dairyland Milk 4L $3.97
Great Value Eggs $1.97
Great Value 100% WW Bread $1.67

Nesters April 16-18
Green Grapes Seedless .98/lb

Quality Greens 14-19

Okanagan • Golden Delicious & Spartan Apples • Extra Fancy
$.49 / lb
BC Grown • Jumbo Brown Mushrooms
$1.99 / lb
Imported • Mini Red Seedless Watermelon
2 / $5.00
Imported • Grape Tomatoes • 1 pint
2 / $4.00

Old Town Market 14-19

Broccoli Crowns .99/lb
Cauliflower .69/lb
Bananas .59/lb

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Midweek deals

This bluebird posed for us so we could show him to you!

I was in at Shoppers to pick up the milk, cheese and coffee that's on sale. While there I discovered their Everyday Cheese 540g for $3.79!!! That is screaming cheap! No limits! If you want to you can grate it up and freeze it to use in casseroles, wraps, or anything that uses grated cheese.

April 14th at Nesters 4L of milk is $3.87

Market Place IGA 11-17

15lbs of potatoes $3.99

April 15.16,17 only Large Eggs $1.99

Costco has Kraft Peanut Butter the 2kg size for $4.49!!!

Old Town Market Apr14-19
2/$5 mini watermelons
.69/lb cauliflower

Quality greens 14-19
Okanagan Gold Delicious or Spartan Apples .49/lb
BC Mushrooms $1.99/lb

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Free Things

Here's some freebies for you!

On Earth day bring in your reusable mug to Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee or .10 off another kind.

Gillette has a free razor if you can just hang in their during the loading of the site and a shaving demo!

Free Kotex sample.

Date night dinner at Milestones! On April 28th from 4pm till close order one meal get the other free!

Free can of tuna
Free nikwax travel gel
Free myoflex sample

Friday, April 9, 2010

This Week's Sales

This little guy crashed into our deck glass! He's okay..he flew off after a rest.
Sorry I accidently pushed publish instead of save, so you probably will get 2 different posts, the second one is correct.
Superstore 10-16

Pork Loin Centre Cut Chops Boneless $2.78/lb!
Pork Shoulder Picnic .98/lb
Black Forest Ham Ziggy brand .95/100g
Fresh snow Peas .98 200g package
Sweet Chili Sauce 800g $1.78!!!
NN Cheese 907g $7.98 limit 4
Parkay Marg 1.36kg $2.99 limit 4
Celery .96

Shoppers 10-23
Milk 4lL$3.99
Maxwell House Coffee(until April 16th) 925g $4.99
Armstrong Cheese 340g $2.99

Cooper's 11-17
WF Flour $5.99
Snapper BOGO limit 8 ( I will go check out the price to see if it's a good deal)

Zellers 9-15

Kraft BBQ sauce 455ml $1.99( I am planning to take my Zellers flyer to Superstore to get this)

SaveOn 11-17

Sirloin Tip Roast $1.99/lb!!!! I have never seen it go this low!!
Green Onions or Radishes 2/$1

April 9,10,11 only Edward's Coffee 930g $4.99 Bagels 6/$1.99 Potatoes 10lb $2.99

Boneless skinless chicken breasts $2.99/lb $26.36/box limit 2
Oranges 10lb $4.99

P.S. Those of you who have signed up for this to be emailed to you...there is some sort of delay before you get it, sometimes a few hours sometimes a day. If you want to see the week's sales on friday you can just go directly here as I usuall post around lunch time fridays.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saving on Groceries

When looking at your spending plan(budget is a word I try to avoid) you may notice that grocery spending probably is second only to your mortgage in the amount you spend. Most families of 4 find they spend $800-$1000 per month on groceries. For sake of this example, groceries are everything you buy at the grocery store. Food and toiletries as well as cleaners, etc. As a rule, people think this is not an area that could be trimmed. I want to tell you you can! You can shave this drastically and free up money for other areas, as well as eat better! Prepackaged, premade meals contain preservatives that would be missing if you can make it at home.
My idea of grocery shopping is a little different than the norm. I go to purchase the things on sale. Yes, I have to get milk weekly, but all other things can be negotiable. The veggies and fruits we buy are the ones on sale, or in season. For example, this Thursday, Friday, Sat, IGA marketplace has bananas for .39/lb!!! That is an olden days price! We will get lots and make banana bread, muffins and smoothies. The ones we won't use in time can be peeled(thanks Sylvia!)and popped into a Ziploc and frozen, to later be used in smoothies! Right now at Cooper's they have a coupon for buy one get one free cod. One family size serving is $10, so with the coupon, $5. It's frozen, there's a limit of 4 free, or 8 total, so we will stock up and make fish and chips(see America's test kitchen DVD season 7 available at ). Lean ground beef is also on sale at Cooper's. So, I bought 3 chubs and will break some down and freeze it raw. I will make homemade hamburgers and freeze them, as well as meatballs. Finally, I will precook some and freeze it so it's all ready to go. It doesn't take that long, but it saves me time in the long run! My price book(see an early post)helps me know when prices have reached their lowest and lets me know how much I need to stock up before it goes on sale again! Our family of 4 spends $450/month. Want to start saving right away? Start by menu planning one week from what you have on hand. Make it a game...what do you have already? What if you couldn't get out to the store? What could you make? Use the Internet, get ideas from cookbooks and magazines(hopefully your library is fully stocked!) One friend told me she saves best by keeping her grocery trips to a minimum..what if you only went once a week? What about a grocery envelope where you keep cash for the month? Every time you go to the store you take your money out of the envelope and put the receipt inside. On the front of the envelope you can keep a running tally, or just peak in the envelope to see where you are at! Don't want to use cash? Do the same thing with the receipts after you pay with your debit card! Start with something. Don't try and reinvent the wheel in 2 seconds, just change one thing..then next month your progress..and celebrate! Even keeping track of what you spend is an amazing step in the right direction!

Friday, April 2, 2010

This Week's Sales

Superstore 3-9

Coupon is spend $150 and get 2Free 2lb clam shells of strawberries
Outside Round Roast AAA $1.98/lb
Bagels 6/$2
Bread 4 loaves $3.69
NN Pudding 4X99g .78 limit 2
Fresh Bunch Spinach .88
Cantaloupe $1.67
Pears .98/lb
Mangoes 5lb $6.98


Sunday Monday April4&5 ONLY Sales
Dole 100%juice 12 cans 2/$7 limit 4
Dempster's Whole Grain bread $1.99 limit 2
Life Brand paper towel 8rolls $1.99 limit 4
They have a spend $50 April 3 or 4th and get $10 coupon
From April5-9 Spend $75 and get 15,000 points($25)

Cooper's 4-10
Lean Ground Beef 5lb tube $1.49/lb!!
Safeway April 2,3,4 only
Asparagus $1.67/lb
Lucerene Ice Creams 2/$5 limit 4
Safeway soft drinks 2L .77 limit 6
Broccoli Crowns .99/lb
Costco on until Monday 5
Naleway Perogies 4.54kg $6.99!!!
Flour 10kg $5.99
Quality Greens Mar 31-Apr 5
8lb strawberries $9.99
Cauliflower .79/lb
Ambrosia Apples(local).59/lb
bananas .49/lb
Old Town Mar31-Apr 5
Oranges .49/lb
Cauliflower .79/lb
Want better prices on spices, cornmeal, chili sauce? Check out the ethnic aisle in superstore!