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Friday, September 24, 2010

This Week's Sales

This is an extremely easy, food processor, America's Test Kitchen recipe for yummy home made noodles. The dough is nice and yellow because of my mom and dad's wonderful eggs!!
The pasta maker was garage sale purchased in brand new form(it was a wedding gift they didn't want!)that I got for $7!!!
Fresh noodles anyone?? Need a great fettuccine recipe to go with this? Check out America's Test Kitchen's recipe.(You can get the DVDs at the library!! They have helped me learn to cook sooo much better!)
Walmart is continuing their anniversary event! Sept 24-30
Speed Stick or Degrees deodorants $1.50
European Shampoo 1L $2!!!!(if you like this shampoo stock up! It doesn't go bad and it hasn't been this low for a VERY long time!!)
The Armstrong Cheese is still on sale 750g $5.97
Scope 1L $2.50
Grade A Turkey .95/lb
English Cucumbers .77 each

Rexall on Hollywood on Sept 25th only has a in store sign up for their eNewsletter and get a free Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Save On
Sept 24-26 Pork Tenderloin $1.99/lb!!!!!! This is probably a long piece of meat, but you can cut it into a bunch of shorter pieces.(PLEASE NOTE THAT COOPER'S has BOGO for Pork Tenderloin starting Sept26, so if one is $3.98/lb or $8.76/kg or less it's the same deal or better)
Sept 26-Oct 2
Black Grapes .99/lb(I can't even think about more grapes as I try to process ours before the bear takes them!!)
WF Marg is 1.36kg 2/$6

Cooper's Sept 26-Oct 2

Green Lettuce .79
Lots of BOGO this week, I am hoping to check that out and let you know.

Safeway Sept 25- Oct 1
Best Buy Cheese 720g-750g $7.99(if you can find blocks that are bigger than 800g it's an okay deal, the Walmart cheese is less expensive)
French Bread is .99

Superstore Sept 24-Sept 30
Imperial Margarine 1.36kg $2.97(limit 2)
McCain Cool Quenchers Juice frozen 225ml .57 limit 6
Degree antiperspirant 48g $1.49 limit 6
10cents 4X6 prints on 100 or more
Sourdough or Pumpernickel bread $1.48
NN Flour 10Kg $5.98
Breyer's Ice Cream 1.89L $2.99(limit 2)


"C" is for many things said...

Wow, score on the pasta maker! That's awesome.

Sue said...

I know!!! I priced them out at the Gnome and they were over $100!!Got to love garage sales!

Bobbi said...

Hi Sue :)
I was wondering.When you make your pasta do you store any or use it all right away? and if you store it, how long would you say its good for?

Love your Blog by the way :)

Sue said...

Hi Bobbi,
Thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately, we never have any left overs. When I googled it, it seems it will keep for a very long time as long as it's kept dry. I have made it a day or two in advance and then just kept it in a paper bag. :)