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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Joy of Frugality

I know, sometimes when we hear the word frugal, we think sacrifice, and hard work, but I want to add a new positive take on frugality...JOY!
Yesterday the sun was shining, it was a great day to be outside, and I got to mow my lawn, with my garage saled(it was free because of the crack at the top!!!) push mower! Why would I want to do that you ask? Well, I love the sunshine and I got to be out in it, full blast. I need exercise, but really don't enjoy going to exercise classes, but I LOVE getting exercise while I'm doing something else!
I DO NOT like the smell of gas mowers! I DO NOT like the noise they produce! Never mind the pollution.
Also, I am told that leaving the grass clippings on the lawn is good for it, and my push mower does just that! This year I kept our big lawn mowed with my handy dandy push mower, all except one time when we had been away and it had got too long for me!
In the spring, you could join my husband and have a good laugh at my expense, as I push my mower wearing aerating shoes! They are plastic platforms with nail like spikes on the bottom. He especially likes it when I get stuck!!!
So, there you have it....I saved some money, was careful of the enviroment, took care of my body, and had fun!!! What joyful frugal activities do you do?


Samantha said...

Hi Sue! I hear you on gas mowers!! I was in my yard the other day when my neighbour started his up. I could handle to noise, but the smell was so awful!

One joyful frugal activity we've been doing a lot of lately is biking! We leave from our house and bike the neighbourhoods around us, which let's us explore and gives us a great workout! Sometimes we drive to trails and that's lots of fun too!

p.s. LOVE the vision of you mowing with aerating sandals! I've always dreamed of having a pair of those (even if I end up stuck occasionally! :-)

Sue said...

Hi Samantha! Yes, biking is sooo good! It's one of the things I miss about living off a mounatin! We do bike down, but then catch a ride back up as no one seems up for the incline!
I got the aerating sandals for .50cents at a garage sale(hubby thought they were hardly worth that, but I think he's changed his mind what with all the free entertainment he's had!)I can keep my eyes peeled for you! I should you tube it next spring!

Betsy said...

Push mowers are also nostalgic. Your picture brought back happy memories of my father mowing our lawn in MA when I was a little girl. Those were simpler times and family times for me. Thank you. Two years ago, I retired from teaching in the hustle/bustle in central FL, moved to Murphy, NC..... and getting back to the basics.

Sue said...

Hi Betsy,
My daughter's name is Betsy(so your name makes me feel happy!). Thanks for your comments! Welcome to the life style! I hope this blog helps...feel free to pass your tips along!

Heather said...

Hi Sue

I really appreciate what you are doing here and really admire that you take the time to share your knowledge about living a "frugal" life. Over the years I have found that many of the things we do to simplify our lives are good for the pocketbook, good for the Earth, good for our health (mental and physical) and good for our happiness. To me, living simply (and frugally) is a win/win thing.

Sue said...

Thanks Heather how kind you are! I am on your blog right now! Making some yummy zuccinhi noodles for supper! My hubby feels afraid ever time I use the handy dandy dangerous noodle maker!I haven't slipped yet.(I did however get a little nick with the very cool apple peeler I found a Salvation Army)Your encouragement means so much...