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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Up with this blog???

What's Up With This Blog?
I have a passion to see people live beneath their means. Yes, I said beneath. Why? Because I think the world would be a better place. Is it easy? No! Believe me when I tell you this is a process. If you are living on one income or even two and spending more than you make you need to step back and live within your means. That is the beginning. Next, we learned to give away a portion of our income each month. This was hard, but that was years ago and now it's just automatic. Next step, get out of debt, everything but the house. We did that quite a few years ago, and let me tell you there is alot more wiggle room with less payments!!! The step we are on is saving 10%. At first this will be set aside for emergencies. The goal being to save 3-6months of bills. Where are you at?
So, this blog came from an email I used to send out to people who had come to one of my Shopping Courses. I used to send out weekly emails of the sales. I am a visual learner so when I learned about blogging I thought great! A way to share beautiful scenery pictures and the weekly sales. It then became weekly sales, free things and tips on saving money. I hope it helps.
How to use it.
If you'd like you can click on the subscribe button and you will get an email everytime I post. The subscribe button is on the right of the blog. Just to let you know, it's not instaneous. Feed burner sends you an email, I don't. If you want you can either check in on Fridays if you are looking to see this week's sales or you can follow me on Facebook as I share it on Facebook when I post.
Looking for some ideas in a particular area? See the search bar up at the top left? Type in gas coupon and you'll go to this month's $2.00 printable gas coupon. Type in whatever you are looking for and the posts with those labels will come up.
Who is this blog for?
It's for people trying to get on track. People who needs some fresh ideas. People who want to see if it's possible to live on one income. The grocery sales(big stores like Superstore, IGA, Zellers etc) are for all across Canada. The flyers are pretty much the same.
It's for people who like free things!
It's for people who want to be encouraged! If we can do it, you can definitely do it!!!


"C" is for many things said...

Thanks for your hard work I enjoy reading your blog everytime you post something!

Sue said...

Thank you! I sooo appreciate your kind words!