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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Almost Free Dishwasher Tabs

This week at Costco 108 Finish dishwasher tabs are on for $15.99. Finish has 3 online rebates available right now at  One of them is $15 off dishwasher tabs. The ones on sale at Costco this week qualify. So, you buy them, take your receipt and upload a picture of it(circle the purchase price and write the UPC code on the receipt first). Then you put in your mailing info and they mail you a check. You can do all three rebates. I did the $8 one for the dishwasher tabs and received my check in 10 days. They sent me $8.96 so they added taxes on top of the rebate amount! If that happens with this rebate it will have cost .99 for 108 loads of dishes! I encourage you to try this one as it's easy and doesn't require you mailing anything.
As an aside these online rebates are great because you can combine them with say a mail in one and a points deal at Shoppers if you are so inclined. :)
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