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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've got lots of tomatoes......

One of my favorite things is salsa. This week we ran out of my store bought stock pile(I keep checking the cold room as I was sure I had enough to last the winter!). For me and hubby, salsa is kind of like ketchup is for other people. We love to add it to most everything. So, we decided to make some. For some reason I thought salsa would be hard to make. It's not! It was very easy and can even be done while sipping a glass of wine! My friend and I put the ingredients into the food processor and viola! Chips and salsa, here we come! Now, as I have said before my blog is kind of like my memory for me. Often times a recipe isn't exactly what I want, so I modify it a little. For this America's Test Kitchen recipe(you can click on the recipe to enlarge it) I would change a couple of things.
One, we used way more jalapenos than the recipe called for, as we like it spicy.
Second, we did use canned tomatoes, but only because my frozen ones were frozen! Next time, I will thaw out my whole frozen tomatoes and use them(you can also use fresh, of course).
Third, I think peppers would be a nice addition, and lots of them as the chunkier the better as far as we are concerned!
We eat salsa with our home made pizza, with wraps, chips, and lots more. How about you? What do you like to pour salsa on???

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"C" is for many things said...

I sell Epicure and so I have the Epicure Picante Salsa mix. I just put some tomatoes in the food processor (or use canned) and add 1tbsp of spice. Mix and let sit for a bit (the longer the better but I'm impatient) and voila a tasty and I think frugal method to make some quick salsa.