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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free Makeup

Would you like to try some make up, for free? Physician's Formula has 6 mail in rebates right now, 2 of them are for a full price rebate! The fine print is:

1. Make sure the makeup has this full price rebate sticker as you will need to mail it in.

2.Purchases must be made by Nov 30, 2011 and post marked no later than Dec 15, 2011

3. Each item requires a seperate receipt, this is very important.(I spoke with someone at Physician's Formula)

4. You must mail in your original receipt.
5. You must print off and mail in the rebate forms here
6. Take note of the mailing information being different for each offer(PF-10, PF -13), this leads me to believe you must mail in each one seperately.
7. I spoke with someone at Physician's Formula and they said you can use all 6 offers, just seperate receipts.
This makeup is in the $15-$20 range per item. Those of you who enjoy getting 20X the points at Shoppers could combine one of these purchases with a 20X the points day, like today! The minimum you have to spend today is $50, so the mascara, which is $17.99, is a good start!

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