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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do Mail in Rebates Cheques Actually Come?

People have asked me whether or not Mail in Rebates work. Do the cheques actually come? How long does it take? Is it worth it? Well, I have decided to post a few examples. First of all the Accudial one was an email rebate. I blogged about it here. It is now over.They only asked for you to take a picture of your purchase and email it in along with the answers to 3 product oriented questions. They are promoting dosing of medicine by the child's weight, not just age. They reimbursed me $10 for this. The product cost was $5.99 plus tax(.65) or $6.64. I purchased it at Safeway on 10% off day in order to get my total to the minimum $35 required to get 10% off. So, I saved the .60 this way. Total in my pocket? $10-$6.04 =$3.96 plus a full size free product! How long did it take? I bought it Feb 2 and received my cheque Feb 18th! Only 16 days.

This is the Air Wick MIR that I blogged about. I bought it on Dec 11th for $11.49 plus tax $1.38 which is $12.87. I combined this by buying it at Shopper's at a 20X the points which in dollar amount are worth $2.05 or $2.41 depending on whether or not there's a bonus redemption. I received my cheque for $12.87 on Jan 24th. 44 days.

Below is the recent Nutrogena MIR. I blogged it here. They allowed one per person, not household. We bought 2 different kinds on Jan 22. One was $45.99 plus tax $5.52 =$51.50, the cheque for $52.10 came on Feb 28th. A total of 37 days. The other was $59.99 + $7.20 =$67.18 The cheque for $67.78 came the same day as the other one. We combined these with a 20X the points day at Shopper's so again the points are worth a total of $18.96 - $22.31 again depending on when I use them.( I wait until the maximum redemption possible which is a bonus redemption of 95000 points for $200. )I have used this twice, once at Christmas and once in Feburary.

You can keep track of all the most recent MIRs at the Smart Canuck's website, here.
Ready to try MIRs for yourself? Right now there are a few out there! I blogged about the Febreze one at the bottom of this post. The Physician's Formula one is here.

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