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Sunday, December 5, 2010


In this week's Smart Source there is this rebate to try the Air Wick Starter kit.
Spend $12.99 or less, mail in your receipt with the Air Wick purchase circled and the UPC code handwritten on the receipt.
Want to make this purchase go further? You may have heard the rumor that Shoppers is doing 20X the points next weekend again. Typically that is a spend $75 and get 20X the points. If you buy this then you will have spent $12.99 of your total and only need $62.01(a smart Smart Canucker had this idea!).
How much is 20X the points? Well typically you would get 750 points for a $75 purchase. On 20X the points day you get 15000.
8000 points =$10
22000 points =$30
So, it's worth close to $20 worth of free purchases. If you spent $62.01(after you got the Air Wick) you would end up getting $20, so $62.01-$20=$42.01 So, $75 worth of purchase would in the end cost $42.01 close to 50% off.
Did I lose you? Don't worry, it scrambles my brain too.

Buying stuff just to get points doesn't make sense, but if there are things you already need and are a good deal at Shoppers, why not?
Yesterday, I got $125 worth of merchandise for free(I had to pay the HST).That goes a long ways to helping with the Christmas budget!
If you have a Optimum card and receive emails from them be sure to look at the Free $10 coupon one. Select people have a survey in the upper right side of the email worth 5000 points!

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