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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Week's Sales

This week at Cooper's butter is on sale for $2.99(first 3)
Walmart has Kraft BBQ sauce is .87 for 475ml
Canadian Tire has Swan paper towel and facial tissue 2/$1(no rain checks)
Old Dutch cleanser 2/$1
Calgonite Dishwasher Detergent 1.4kg $1.50
Bleach $1
All these are not eligible for rain checks...
Superstore has ham for .99/lb
Pineapples are $2.49
Minute Maid frozen juices .57
Happy Spring!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

$5 Skiing Last Weekend at Silver Star

This picture was taken at night skiing at Big White!

This is the last weekend for $5 night skiing at Silver Star in Vernon. It runs this Friday and Saturday.Here's the blurb from the Silver Star website.

Skiing $5 Saturday Night Skiing

$5 Fridays Until March 21
You thought Fridays were fun! Silver Star's $5 Saturdays offers the most fun you can have on skis or a snowboard for just $5!Lift tickets are just $5. Regular ski and snowboard rentals are only $10, (does not include high performance rentals).At Silver Star, come warm up around the bonfire in the centre of the Village beginning at 3:30 p.m. Then head to the Summit and Silver Queen Chairs between 3:30 - 8 p.m. to experience 4 km of amazing night skiing terrain. Silver Star also features a $5 special at The Saloon.$5 Saturdays runs until March 21.
So, just remember these fantastic numbers.
$5 for a lift ticket
$10 for regular ski & snowboard rentals
$5 for special in The Saloon
Must bring a credit card for rentals
Some Helpful Tips For Night Skiing
1. Arrive with plenty of time to spare. - It will take you between 15 and 30 minutes to get your rental equipment dialed up.2. Road Conditions - Be aware that you will experience different road conditions on Silver Star Road and allow yourself time for a safe trip up and down the mountain.3. Dress Appropriately - Do the best you can to bring winter outerwear. That means waterproof pants and jacket.4. Dress Warmly - Be aware that the temperature usually drops in the evenings; that means the best way to stay warm is to wear layers.5. Bring ID For rental equipment you will need a credit card and photo ID for security.

Happy Skiing!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This Week's Sales

Does this mean it's spring???
This week at Safeway they have the boneless skinless chicken breast on for $2.99/lb. Those of you keeping a Pricebook will see that this is a bonus cycle. In the past the next time it cycled down was April!Lucerne Ice Cream, 4L is $3.99
At Shopper's the Everyday Cheese is 540g for $3.99!!! This is screaming! It works out to $7.39/kg. The lowest I have tracked cheese is $7.97/kg.(Remember you can buy it grate it and freeze it for casseroles and tacos or burritos or pizza) Mennen and Lady's Speed Stick Deodorants are $1.49 for the 45g-70g.
Superstore has Bagels 3/.99!! Stock up, cut them in half and freeze them this is an amazing price!
Lemons or limes 3/$1
NN Facial Tissue or Paper Towels are 2/$1
NN BBQ Sauce $1
Seafood Sauce $1
Asparagus is $1.77/lb (lowest is $1.68/lb)
Cucumbers .88
Broccoli .98
Lettuce .88
Wieners $1

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Mistake

Oops! So, in this post I will tell you about my mistake. We have a President's Choice MasterCard. For years(7 to be exact)we weren't allowed to have a credit card, because of my past financial screw ups(long story).Despite stories to the contrary, we had no trouble living without one!When we did get one again, I was very cautious. We had lived on cash for so long, I wondered if it was a good idea. We paid it off every month, but I just wasn't sure if we were overspending, like research shows we do.(At least 12% more when using a credit card, compared to cash). So, I cancelled it.

Just before we moved here I knew we would have lots of big unusually expenses. PCMC gives you points for ever dollar you spend, which translates to free groceries. We were able to charge really large house fixing projects(our roof)by putting through half(paying it off)and then putting the other half on. For us this meant we got $507.57 in free groceries last year.Now, some financial experts are violently against credit cards, because they say, "If you play with snakes you are going to get bitten." I understand what is being said, there can be lots of pitfalls with the credit cards. I, however, want to tell you a happy story. My oops was, I noticed there was an huge(to me)interest charge on my MC on this statement. I checked my bank and saw I paid it early, like I always do to avoid delays in bank payments. So, I called them and asked why the interest charge. Turns out I was a little dyslexic and mixed two numbers up. I paid about $60.00 less than the total. It wasn't very obvious, as even the lady I was talking to couldn't see it at first. I told her I deliberately pay it off every month to avoid interest charges, she said she could see I had never been late. I asked her what I could do, she said she couldn't help me. I asked again,she said she could submit a interest reversal to her supervisor, but she herself could not change it. She said I'd know in a few days if they honored it. This morning I got a call saying it had been reversed, as a one time goodwill gesture!(I learned to ask from you Aunt Lil!Thank you!)The lesson,triple check my numbers!

Wise Credit Card Use

1.Pay it off every month

2.Track your spending to see if you are spending more than your budget

3.Get a no fee card

Redflags compares the no fee cards in Canada at this link

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1 Day flight sale

Need to fly any of these places? Here's an ad from
1 Day Only @ Fares From $49 for Select Cities/Dates Through 11:59PM MT today, you can enjoy some savings from They are offering fares starting from $49 for select cities for travel on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Here's a look at some of their pricing for this promotion (one way):
Toronto to Thunderbay $39
Toronto to Fort Myers $49
Ottawa to Orlando $69
Vancouver to Las Vegas $49
Vancouver to Calgary $69
Halifax to Toronto $69
Calgary to Kelowna $49 As always, these are the best possible rates and you may have to do some digging to find this pricing. For Canadian travel destinations, you can travel until April 30, 2009. For U.S destinations, the travel period is April 1 to April 30, 2009. Make sure you note the fine print: Advertised fares already reflect the discount. Discount is applied to WestJet's lowest regular fare. Seats at these fares are limited and may not be available on all flights. New bookings only. Taxes, fees and surcharges are extra where applicable. Advance purchase required. 100% non-refundable. Offer combinable with other fares. Flights may not operate on certain days. All fares shown are one way.

Shopping Smart Course

Sunset last night at 6:45pm!!!
I have a few dates for Shopping Smart Presentations coming up. They are:
March 20 in Kelowna at Heritage Christian School in the Reading Room from 7-9pm. Cost is $10
April 4 in Edmonton at Beulah 1-4pm, call Jeanne-Ann to register 780-486-4010.
Come learn how to drastically reduce your grocery bill! We will cover pricing, bulk buying, menu planning, scratch cooking and Price Book keeping.
Side note: So, I bought a turkey last week when they were on sale at Cooper's. The only size they had was gigantic!! 20lbs was the smallest! I went back this week and talked with the meat lady she said she'd cut it with her saw as long as I came in the afternoon!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Menu Planning and This Week's Sales

Sun anyone? I am craving the sun and some heat! I don't think I'm the only one. I follow a blogger in Hawaii and he said it was too cold to exercise!!

A new week is starting and I want to encourage you to menu plan. Try it just this week. Keep it simple.
1.Make easy things, and use your Crockpot for busy days.
2.Shop at home first. Go through your pantry,freezer and fridge.
3.Plan a pasta day
4.Plan a meatless meal
5.Only try one new recipe
6.Use your fridge, not your microwave to defrost
7.Use things that are on sale this week
Life tuna 170g .88
Bio Life Double rolls of Toilet Paper 12s $4.47 limit 4
White swan toilet paper and paper towel 2/$1
Save On
Asapargus $1.88/lb
Salmon Fillets Wild Pacific 454g $3.99 lowest is $3.43
Blade Roast $1.98/lb(lowest is $1.68/lb)
Charmin Toilet Paper 16 doubles $7.49
Delissio Pizzas $4.97 limit 2

Happy Shopping! Sue

Monday, March 2, 2009

This Week's Sales

Interested in free computer lessons?HP is offering them online. See this ad from
Free Online Classes from Here's a very interesting freebie from free online classes that cover a variety of subjects relating to computers, software, and business -- everything from using Microsoft Office (ie. Excel 2007), to Photoshop usage, to marketing tips, to time management. These are part of the HP Learning Center. You will need to register to take the classes, but they are free and available 24/7.
I have registered and it looks interesting!
This week at Shoppers the Armstrong Cheese is on sale 340g is $2.99
Cooper's have Grade A turkey's for .99/lb!!!
Save On has BC Russet Potatoes 10lb $3.48
Zellers has Ragu 700ml for $1
Colgate Toothpaste is 3/$1 for the 75ml
Ital Pasta Tomatoes 796ml .75!! this is screaming if they have them in stock(they don't do rain checks anymore)
Allen's Apple Juice 1.2L $1
Ajax 2/$1
Superstore has buy $200 get a $25 gift card, 12.5% savings. There rice is finally on sale(what is now considered a sale, since the price increases. Fortune brand is 8Kg for $9.98(it used to go down to $4.98 in the good old days!)
Egg Plant is .98/lb For our vegetarian meal this week I made Eggplant Parmesan from America's Test Kitchen. It was fantastic and incredibly cheap!!
Mushrooms are .97/lb