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Monday, December 27, 2010

Turkey Anyone?

Costco has a $15 off deal on turkeys right now! This 5.65kg turkey(fresh) was $26.50 less the $15.00 or $11.50!! That's $2.04/kg or 92 1/2 cents a pound! Nice! Throw it in the freezer and you have a nice turkey dinner to enjoy before they go on sale again at Easter!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This was the sky on Christmas morning!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and blessings to you and yours for 2011!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Caramel Microwave Popcorn

Want a treat to bring to a Christmas party or as a little gift? Want something really easy? This is one of my favorite, easy, very tasty(only make it a Christmas time) recipes. What I love about having a blog is that I can share and record things like this for myself so that next year, when I can't find the recipe for this, I can type in the search bar, caramel microwave popcorn.

All you need is a brown paper bag! Which is easier said than done these days! I was given a big stack of these Safeway brown paper bags and I have been carefully using them!! It seems right around this time of year in the flyers that come to our door we get one brown paper bag, maybe you do too!
The recipe is here

I add a few nuts and then melt a little chocolate(wafers or blocks of melting chocolate)and drizzle it over top. The down and up side is that it's soooo good!

Friday, December 17, 2010

This Week's Sales

If you have read my blog for awhile, you will notice that I seem to repeat myself every year in saying that December isn't a great time for really great deals for food. There are some, but not a lot. Typically, I try and stock up in Sept, Oct, and Nov.

Safeway Dec 18-Jan 1(that's a long flyer!)
Grade A Frozen Turkeys under 7Kg are still on sale .99/lb limit 1
Green Onions 3/$1
Limes 4/$1

Walmart 17-24
Carrots and Onions 3lb $1
Celery .77
Finish dishwasher tabs 25's $5 less $2 off coupons out there(I don't buy this or track it, I just thought with the $2 off coupon if you have it it might be a good deal.)

Cooper's 19-24
Brussels sprouts .99/lb
Yams .49/lb(Save On)
$15 off coupon for one Butterball Turkey(Save On)

Shopper's 18 &19 only
Degree, Dove,Old spice,Secret Deodorant $1.49 limit 4
Dempster's Bread 600g 2/$3

Dec 18-24
Milk 4L $3.99
Stove Top Stuffing .88

Superstore 17-23
Pineapples $1.87
NN Cheese 907g $8.88 limit 4
Bone In Ham $1.88/lb
Yams .46/lb
Fresh Bagels 6's 2/$4
Sourdough/Pumpernickel Breads $1.48
Large 9lb box Mandarin Oranges $4.88
NN Marg 907g or 1.36kg
Whole smoked oysters or mussels. .98

Thursday, December 16, 2010

$5 off coupons for Delissio Pizzas are back

Thanks to Grocery Alerts for this coupon for Delissio. $5 off a Flatbread Pizza until tomorrow, Dec 17th. Last time they had this lots of people were able to get free pizza,as this one goes on sale for $5!!Enjoy!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This Week's Sales

These are some of the beautiful apples we gleaned at Rumo's orchard last month! We have given tons away, made apple sauce, apple cider, apple pies, apple turnovers, and have practiced eating more than an apple a day! Thanks again!!

Today was a busy shopping day. Hubby and I went to Rona to see if we could get our faucet, as they had a 40% off faucets sale. It was all very pricey! Then we were off to Canadian Tire and found the faucet and shower head we needed, they were on sale, and totaled just over $60, so we got the $15 off!!!

Walmart has turkeys for .95/lb, they are grade A and there is a limit of 2
They also have .33 cucumbers
Sunkist Oranges 14lb $6.97(.50/lb)
Lemons .37
Celery .99

Shopper's has Oral B toothbrushes for .99(I had 3 $1.00 off coupons!!)
Royale TP is $4.99 limit 4(there are $1.00 coupons out there)
Royale Facial Tissue .59 limit 4
Lay's Chips $1.99

Sun-Mon only Dec 12-13
Shrimp 425g $3.99
Kraft Peanut Butter 1Kg 2/$5(lowest is $2.25)
Christie Cookies or Crackers $1.49(limit4)
Pot of Gold Chocolates 246g-283g $3.99(limit 4)
Life Brand Paper Towels 8 roll $1.99 (limit 4)

Rexall 10-12 Only
Christie Crackers $1.29(limit 4)
Rexall Brand Towels and Facial Tissues .49(limit 6)
Coke,Sprite, Pepsi, 7 Up 12 X 355ml 2/$5.99(limit 6)
Rest of the week 10-16
Stayfree of Carefree Pads or OB Tampons $1.99
Gillette Foamy Shave Cream 311g $1.49

Monday only Alcan Foil 25' or Wax Paper 33' 2/$1.00

Zellers 10-16

Pepsi and Coke 12 packs $2.99(limit 4)bring in your Rexall flyer and they will price match if Zellers is closer to you than Rexall
Primo Pasta 900g .88
Primo canned tomatoes .88
Stand up pouches of the M&Ms are $2.99( had coupons for BOGO)
Kotex U tampons are $3.99(there are lots of $1.00 off coupons)

Safeway 11-17
Grade A turkeys(under 7Kg) .99/lb limit 1
Lucerene Ice Creams 1.89L 2/$6(oh no!!my weakness)

Save On 12-18
Do you have 9500 save on more points?(I sure don't!)if you do use them to get a $50 My treat Visa, Aeropostale, gift card for $35
8000 points gets you a free turkey!
Jumbo Yams .49/lb(Cooper's also)
Brussels Sprouts .99/lb(yummy)Cooper's also

Superstore 10-16
$25 gift card with $250 purchase $50 with $450 purchase
Romaine lettuce .76
Dan D-Pak cashews 1Kg $10.88 limit 4
Fresh Bok Choy .58/lb
Colgate Toothbrushes $1 limit 6
Cabbage .38/lb
Pears .87/lb
Mandarin Oranges 9lb $4.88

Home Depot has the 2 pack of Brita Filters( I was at Zellers and brought my flyer, they matched the price, plus an extra 10% off if you use your HBC card Fri-Sun)

Remember the post I did about the Try me Free Air Wick? I got mine today. It cost $11.49, plus I had a $7.00 off coupon and I will mail my receipt in and get my $11.49 back! Hubby wonders, how does that work?(on top if it all I got optimum points!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Staples Door Crasher, Netbook

Staples has a door crasher this Saturday Dec 11. Their 10" Netbook is $149.88!!
Limit 1 per family(total of 20 in store). Not valid online.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Helping you make your gift budget go further!

More help in reducing your spending!! If you got the Kijiji deal, buy a $25 gift certificate for $10 you can combine it with this 25% off deal, if you turned it into a gift card. All you do is go to Chapters indigo and type in gift cards, you use your gift certificate number to redeem for gift cards straight across! If you want to use them as gifts you can send them right to the recipient.So, as you can see this is a real money saver! And a great way to expand your gift giving!!
This Saturday Dec 11, seems to be retailers attempt to lure us to spend at their place!! Canadian Tire is offering $15 off when you spend $60 before taxes! The coupon is in their flyer, which comes out on Friday. We are pretty happy as we need a new faucet and they are on sale at Canadian Tire this weekend!
Shopper's Drug Mart is having another 20X the points when you spend $75 on Sat, Dec 11th.
In the Michael's flyer there is a 50% off one regularly priced item coupon for Dec 9-13.
P.S.If you are on my blog site(not the email you get as a subscriber)you may notice it's snowing!!! Thanks to SneakyMomma !!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


In this week's Smart Source there is this rebate to try the Air Wick Starter kit.
Spend $12.99 or less, mail in your receipt with the Air Wick purchase circled and the UPC code handwritten on the receipt.
Want to make this purchase go further? You may have heard the rumor that Shoppers is doing 20X the points next weekend again. Typically that is a spend $75 and get 20X the points. If you buy this then you will have spent $12.99 of your total and only need $62.01(a smart Smart Canucker had this idea!).
How much is 20X the points? Well typically you would get 750 points for a $75 purchase. On 20X the points day you get 15000.
8000 points =$10
22000 points =$30
So, it's worth close to $20 worth of free purchases. If you spent $62.01(after you got the Air Wick) you would end up getting $20, so $62.01-$20=$42.01 So, $75 worth of purchase would in the end cost $42.01 close to 50% off.
Did I lose you? Don't worry, it scrambles my brain too.

Buying stuff just to get points doesn't make sense, but if there are things you already need and are a good deal at Shoppers, why not?
Yesterday, I got $125 worth of merchandise for free(I had to pay the HST).That goes a long ways to helping with the Christmas budget!
If you have a Optimum card and receive emails from them be sure to look at the Free $10 coupon one. Select people have a survey in the upper right side of the email worth 5000 points!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mid Week Sales

Old Town Farm Market Sales run from Dec 1-6.
I just love that they send a nice color email!
Quality Greens Dec 1-6
They have green peppers .79/lb
BC brown mushrooms $1.99/lb
Celery .99ea
Honey Crisp Apples .79/lb
Hot house Tomatoes .99/lb

Springfield Bulk Foods (Nov 29-Dec 4)has lots of baking goodies for a great price! Graham cracker crumbs are really great! This weekend(Sat and Sun) Shoppers is upping the amount of $$$ you get for your points!!!
30,000 points is worth $60(normally you need 38,000)
50,000 points is worth $125(normally worth $85!!)
95,000 points is worth $250(normally worth $170!!!)
Yowsers!! If you have these points this weekend would be a good time to be shopping!! Enjoy!