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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Saving on Gas With Snap Saves

I love this time of year!!!! IMG_20140425_140857.jpg IMG_20140425_140640.jpg IMG_20140428_193352.jpg IMG_20140428_193334.jpg Screenshot_2014-04-29-07-08-25.png Today Snap Saves added a neat offer! $1 cash back when you get gas!Our gas is sitting at 137.9 so every little bit helps! Don't have the app? You can get it on Android or Apple. More info is here at their website.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Costco Deals This Week

Want to see all the Costco coupons for your area? Go to this website. Put in your province.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DC Shoes 45% Off

Do you need new DC shoes? Do your kids? As you can see someone at our house does! We ordered the shoes from We entered the promo code SDEXTRA45 at checkout. Shipping is free to Canada and the US. We had to pay a handling fee of $1.18. The sizes they have left in your pick are shown. No idea how long this code is good for. Prices are is USD.
 Original Price $42.99
 SDEXTRA45 $23.64
 Free Shipping $10.99
Handling fee $1.18
 Total $24.82

Free Starbucks Coffee or Tea Today Only!

Free Starbucks coffee or tea when you bring in your own reusable cup. Today only in celebration of Earth Day! Enjoy!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mail In Rebates

We went picture taking Sunday afternoon. We ended up in Guisachan Gardens and took these pictures! Happy Easter!
 Below are some new MIRs.
 Oxi Clean has one for a Stain Remover Powder(1.36kg/1.28kg) and one OxiClean Spray or MaxForce Gel Stick and receive up to $7.50 to cover cost of product plus taxes and postage.Available April 19-July 31. MIR form is available at
 Air Wick has one for a free Air Wick Starter Kit up to $12.25. March 19-Aug 31. You can find these forms at Superstore on their coupon board. Or on their Facebook page.
There are $3 and $5 coupons out there that I know of.
 Finish has one for 16-20 count dishwasher detergent. Up to $8 off Quantum Power and Free or Powerball. There is a $2 off coupon from the inserts. The form is available from inserts and on their Facebook page.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Combining Deals at Bulk Barn

Today is the last day to use the Bulk Barn spend $10 get $3 off coupon. If you don't get the flyer the coupon is here. Also, if you spend $10 after discounts you get one of the yummy reusable bags shown below! Combine this all with this week's offer of $1 on Cart Smart when you spend $10 at bulk barn!  I was there yesterday and found some great deals on the the rice flours and pastas. I instagrammed it! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Homemade Italian and Thousand Island Dressings

Yesterday was condiment making day. My family loves Thousand Island and Italian salad dressings. I am tired of running out of dressing and spending extra money so that it's gluten free.(Kraft says they get their spices from a supplier that can not say they are gluten free).I got this book from the library and made these two. They were easy and delicious. Instead of sugar in the recipe I used honey. I filled a leftover glass dressing bottle with the Italian and a recycled mayo bottle for the Thousand Islands. Next one I want to make is Ranch. Click on the picture of the recipe to make it larger if you can't see it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Magazines Without the Clutter

Do you enjoy reading magazines but prefer not to have the clutter? I don't enjoy the big pile of magazines and so a perfect solution is Zinio. Zinio is a way to get magazines delivered to your computer, tablet or phone. Suddenly while you are waiting in the doctor's office you can read magazines that you enjoy! Right now they are offering a bunch of magazines for $5/ year. So, now you not only don't have the clutter of magazines but you don't have the expense!Family Circle costs $6.19 for 12 issues for Canadians. Every Day with Rachel Ray costs $6.19 for 10 issues for Canadians.When you are done reading them you just delete them off your device. You can restore them at anytime too! How do you feel about reading your favorite magazines in digital format?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This Week's Deals

This Week's Sales
So we like quinoa....a is so nice to have another alternative side dish...It's expensive! Have you noticed??? The best price I could find was at Costco....1.8kg for $19.99! Gulp! That's a bit pricey! Well, today I noticed the London Drugs flyer 1.36 Kg for $12.99!!! That works out to .96/100g  Going to get some!
I am going to combine the Zweet app and CH51 to get $2 off of Triscuits making them free at Save On.
Grade A frozen turkey 3-7 Kg .99/lb limit 1
 Friday to Sunday only Best Buy Cheese 700-720g $5.99 limit 2
 All Week Lucerene ice cream 2L 2/$4 limit 2
 Grade A turkeys .99/lb must spend $50
Utility Frozen Turkey .95/lb limit 1
2lbs Red or Green Grapes $3.48
Spiral Ham $1.98/lb(use Cart Smart $1 off when you buy a $10 ham)
Pineapple $1.96
 Brocoli $1.26
 Tomatoes .86/lb
Cantaloupe $1.96
Squash .86/lb
NN Pasta 4/$3
Christie Crackers $1.67 limit 4
Breyer's Ice Cream $2.50(use Ch51 to get another $1 off)
Sweet Potatoes .46/lb

Instagram in Review

I am really enjoying the Instagram app! It is a quick easy way for me to share deals with you....whether it's a flyer deal that caught my eye, or an in store deal. It can be downloaded here.Here's some things I posted this week. The first one starts tomorrow April 11th!

New Money Saving App.....Zweet

There's a new money saving app! It's called ZWEET. It's only available for apple right now. You can download it here. It works just like Checkout 51 and Snap Save and Cart Smart. You need to get to $20 to cash out just like with Checkout 51 and Snap Save. The thing I love about these apps is that they are starting to have more fresh fruit and vegetable offers! It's another way to help you save on groceries!