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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Magazines Without the Clutter

Do you enjoy reading magazines but prefer not to have the clutter? I don't enjoy the big pile of magazines and so a perfect solution is Zinio. Zinio is a way to get magazines delivered to your computer, tablet or phone. Suddenly while you are waiting in the doctor's office you can read magazines that you enjoy! Right now they are offering a bunch of magazines for $5/ year. So, now you not only don't have the clutter of magazines but you don't have the expense!Family Circle costs $6.19 for 12 issues for Canadians. Every Day with Rachel Ray costs $6.19 for 10 issues for Canadians.When you are done reading them you just delete them off your device. You can restore them at anytime too! How do you feel about reading your favorite magazines in digital format?

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