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Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week's Sales

The sunrise this morning! The birds are singing so loudly they must be celebrating the coming spring time!
Superstore 11-17
Asparagus $1.46/lb!!!! I have never seen it go lower than $1.67/lb
NN Cheese 800g $7.98(not the best price)limit 4
PC Zipper back shrimp 907g $7.99 limit 4
French Bread $1
Garden Wafers 200g .98 limit 8
Fresh Spinach or Watercress bunches .88
NN Frozen OJ or Apple juice $1
Exact Pads, liners or tampons $1.99
20lb Russet potatoes $4.88
10lb yellow onions $3.46
Cantaloupe $1.66 each

Safeway 11-17
Jumbo cantaloupe .49/lb
Lucerene 4L Ice cream $3.99
Lucerene Large Eggs $1.99
Green Grapes $1.49/lb

Shoppers 12-18
Spend $50 get $10 gift card
Shoppers is having a bonus redemption where you can trade in your points for more than their normal value 50,000 points are worth $100 and 95,000 $200
Sun-Mon only
LB TP 24 $4.99 limit 4
Kraft Peanut Butter 1Kg $2.49(lowest is $2)limit 4

Walmart 11-17
2 chickens for $12(This is a great deal if you can find a package that is 7-8lbs(15-16Kg)
Delissio Pizza are $4.99
Red or Green Grapes are $1.47/lb
Green Onions are .33
Lettuce $1
Advil Nighttime is $3.99 for the 10 pack(there are still $4 off coupons at Shopper's)
Close up and Aim100ml toothpaste are .72
Irish Spring Soap 6X90g $2.50(use the $2 off coupon that just came in the Smartsource flyer and get this for .50!)
Sunlight dish detergent 750ml-950ml $1.50