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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's up with all these group buying companies?

I thought a blog about Groupon was probably due as I previously blogged about Twongo. What's up with these collective buying groups? Well, it seems to be a great way for you to save money on things both in your area as well as anywhere Groupon and Twongo are. I have used both companies to get great deals on services for myself as well as gifts for people in other cities!!! What a great way to get someone something a little more than you usually would spend!! For example, today's deal in our city with Groupon is a 60 minute massage($45 value) or $40 worth of waxing services for $20! What a great gift!
You can sign up for other city's emails so that if you have friends of family there you can see what the deals are for great gifts!!!
Groupon differs from Twongo in that they give you a $10 referral bonus if you use your link to invite someone else to join. Once they make their first order you get $10. Twongo, however makes it a little more advantageous for both you and the person who signs up, as you both get $5 for their first purchase.
The things I have seen offered are pizza, second cup, golfing, beauty service, massage, chiropractor services, entertainment, restaurants, just to name a few!
Also, if you are going to another city for vacation sign up for that city's emails and pick up your attractions and eating out at a discounted rate! For example, right now in Edmonton the Groupon deal is $15 for $30 worth of admissions, skate rentals and more at Sportsworld. If that was some place you were planning on going to on vacation, well you just spent $15 less!
Another example is in Vancouver today the deal is $20 for 2 adult admissions to the zoo, regular price $40. So, if you are planning on going to Vancouver for the zoo this summer, well here's a deal for you!(Clicking on the city at the top of Twongo or Groupon will take you to their list of available cities, you can also sign up to get emails from all the cities of your choosing.)
It seems that pretty much all of the certificates you receive are good for one year.
Christmas and birthdays could be a lot more fun this year!!!
Twongo is not yet in all cities(not in Edmonton yet)but you can presign up and then as soon as they are up and running you will be notified.
Interested in trying it? Groupon link is here. Twongo link is here.
When you get to the main page choose your city at the top, and away you go! Happy Saving!


Frugal Edmonton Mama said...

We also check out our vacation destinations for groupons - but the zoo one isn't a great deal since there are many coupons for Buy one get one free admissions that are available. I was reminded of this right when I was about to buy!

Sue said...

Hi Frugal Mama,
Thanks for your comment! Yes, you are so right, we must check out the "deals" first before we buy them!

BarbLloyd said...

For those in Edmonton and area I like this site because it lists all the daily type deals.

Right now there is a deal for getting wills for 29$ and you don't even have to live in the Edmonton area (if I read it correctly).

You can also change the dailydealzone city. I don't live near Edmonton or Vancouver, but often there are online deals that are amazing, so I keep checking them out.