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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Costco and other sales items

Today I headed out with hubby to get some of the things on sale this week. I expected that Canadian Tire would be all out of the handy dandy plug in for the car thing...boy was I surprised to see that that had a huge bin full!!!
While we were out we stopped in at Costco. One of our favorite treats is to have ready made chicken cordon bleu. I have tracked it for years and have not ever seen it go this low!!!! $8.79 for this box! This sale is good until tomorrow.
Save On had beautiful peppers for .99/lb and when I got home I quickly cut them up for eating, stir fry, salad and freezing. Aren't they sooo pretty!
Our Walmart was out of the onions :(
they say they might have more tomorrow.
What I did find was the Armstrong Cheese(750g/$5.97) which is a screaming deal! When I got home I used my food processor to quickly shred it for freezing. Casseroles, pizza, and soft tacos are a breeze with frozen cheese!
I also picked up enough Colgate with toothbrushes to last us for a very long time!

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