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Friday, April 2, 2010

This Week's Sales

Superstore 3-9

Coupon is spend $150 and get 2Free 2lb clam shells of strawberries
Outside Round Roast AAA $1.98/lb
Bagels 6/$2
Bread 4 loaves $3.69
NN Pudding 4X99g .78 limit 2
Fresh Bunch Spinach .88
Cantaloupe $1.67
Pears .98/lb
Mangoes 5lb $6.98


Sunday Monday April4&5 ONLY Sales
Dole 100%juice 12 cans 2/$7 limit 4
Dempster's Whole Grain bread $1.99 limit 2
Life Brand paper towel 8rolls $1.99 limit 4
They have a spend $50 April 3 or 4th and get $10 coupon
From April5-9 Spend $75 and get 15,000 points($25)

Cooper's 4-10
Lean Ground Beef 5lb tube $1.49/lb!!
Safeway April 2,3,4 only
Asparagus $1.67/lb
Lucerene Ice Creams 2/$5 limit 4
Safeway soft drinks 2L .77 limit 6
Broccoli Crowns .99/lb
Costco on until Monday 5
Naleway Perogies 4.54kg $6.99!!!
Flour 10kg $5.99
Quality Greens Mar 31-Apr 5
8lb strawberries $9.99
Cauliflower .79/lb
Ambrosia Apples(local).59/lb
bananas .49/lb
Old Town Mar31-Apr 5
Oranges .49/lb
Cauliflower .79/lb
Want better prices on spices, cornmeal, chili sauce? Check out the ethnic aisle in superstore!

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