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Monday, April 26, 2010

Free 5x7s at Costco and other deals

Can you see the little hummingbird sitting on the lights? He got all confused by the glass and I had to take this picture of him quick, so it's not a great shot.

Free 5x7s at Costco

Go to and members can get 8 Free 5x7 Prints with coupon code CWFPA426. Good until May 9th.

With a new account you also get 25free 4x6s.

London Drugs has Gum toothbrushes .99 starting April 27

Princess Auto has Pure Energy rechargable batteries!!! Check this out...4 AAA and a wall charger plus 4 AA batteries is $12.99
or get the 4AAAs, the charger and 12 AAs for $19.99!!!! This is $1.22/battery...never mind the charger! This sale starts Tuesday.

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