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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I was out doing my grocery shopping and was pleased to find that I didn't need to make many stops! Superstore had the bread that is on sale at Zellers(Country Harvest)for the same price as well as the milk, minute maid punch and eggs on sale at Walmart. They did not have the good price on strawberries that Save On(and even Cooper's has them at $5.99). I had my flyers in hand for all the stores as Superstore will match prices, but I noticed that they don't carry the same type of GUM toothbrushes that were on sale at London Drugs so I did have to go there.
I actually went to Princess Auto(sorry to all the PA fans but the smell of rubber in the store gives me a headache!)and was able to get everything on hubby's list! The Pure Energy batteries are fully charged and ready for use. They come with a 5 year guarantee! The trick now is to remember where the receipt is 5 years from now! Fortunately I have a filing cabinet set up for manuals and receipts(thanks to Confessions of an Organized Homemaker book)and now I have it written down in my blog! It will be under B for batteries!
Have you checked lately? There's a free Mars chocolate bar(You could put it in someone's lunch if you are trying to get all in shape for summer!)

April 28-May 3 Old Town Farm Market
Bananas .59/lb
Green Onions 3/.99
Baby Watermelon 2/$4
Did you know that the let you just buy one of sale items?So, if you only wanted 1 watermelon you could buy one for $2!
April28-May 3 Quality Greens
Spinach Fresh BC grown .99/bunch
Mini Watermelon $1.99(they call them personal size, I love it!)
Green Cabbage .59/lb(same price at Superstore)Did you know that if you like to make home made cabbage rolls you can skip the boiling the cabbage step? Just throw the whole cabbage in the freezer!

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