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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pork Loin at Costco

 You were right's the post! :) 
Costco has boneless pork loin center  and rib cut at $4.79/kg.
With a $5 off coupon.
So, I bought one $16.88(3.525kg)
and one $16.24(3.390kg) (smaller is
a better deal).
After the discount of $5 on each the
price is $3.37/kg or $1.53/lb!!!!
This is a screaming deal! I have never
seen it this inexpensive. The lowest I have seen it
is $1.78/lb.
I buy it like this all the time and have blogged about it here.
Notice how it was February last, that's how the cycles work. This is
a good one to write into your price book! You know the one your just started....right now :)
Total cost for 2 loins that will make 4-5 meals each...$23.12
                   So, that's 8-10 meals or $2.31-$2.89 per meal!!!
                                  Sale is on until this Sunday.
                                         Go get some! :)
The end result....6 roasts, 12 pork chops, a portion of ground pork,
and a portion cubed!



Ashley said...

Thank you! Off to Costco we go :)

Sue said...

You are welcome Ashley....I'm looking forward to reading some posts on how you cooked this up!:)

Kari said...

Thanks for the tip! Just wondering where the $5 off coupon came from? Thanks!

Sue said...

Hi Kari,
You are welcome. The $5 coupon is just what it says above the pork. There isn't actually a physical coupon. When you go to the till they take $5 off automatically. I am happy to hear it seems to be across Canada as I have heard from people all over. Hope you can get some! :)