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Friday, February 10, 2012

This Week's Sales

Flying over the mountains a few weeks back!

This Week's Sales

Do you need eggs? Shoppers has them until the end of today
Friday Feb 10th for $2.29/dozen. This next week they
are $2.49. Don't forget to order your coupon from
Shoppers 11-17
Do you still have this coupon?
Europe's Best Fruit is on for $3.99-$1.00=$2.99
The Royale Tissues are on sale Sun Mon only 6 boxes for $2.99(limit 4) plus if you have this
coupon from GoCoupons that makes it
So each box would be .33!
Superstore has the gas coupon this week. I couldn't find $100 worth of on sale products so I think I will have to pass. Too bad, I like this deal!

                        Wonderbread is 2/$5 There are .75 coupons from the last Smart Source.


Anonymous said...

HI there!

First time I comment here(a bit shy) but first, I wanted to say that I love your blog, it's perfect. I've actually used some of your recipes and they were great. Second, I think you're in Kelowna (right?) and I was wondering if you happen to know of any of the SDM here have the old cash registers (i.e. we can redeem this weekend beauty and non beauty items together)?


Sue said...

Hi Gabby,
Thanks for your kind comments! Yes. I do live in Kelowna. I went to Rutland SDM last year and it was the lady in the film area who asked if I was going to redeem. I told her I needed a small laptop, not beauty. She said that was fine and she rung it through for me. She said the computer doesn't care what you redeem for????Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sue! You're awesome!