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Friday, September 9, 2011

This Week's Sales

Marketplace IGA is not one I post about usually as they don't send out flyers in my area and their sales run up to and include Saturdays. Their website is  I just noticed these deals!
Sept 4-10
Bananas .49/lb!!!!
Bread .99
Potatoes 15 lbs $4.99
Green Peppers .99/lb
Old Elpaso Taco kits start at $3.78

Superstore Sept 9-15 Coupon is free PC TP 30 jumbos with $150 purchase
Iceberg Lettuce .86
Bnls Blade Roast $2.28/lb
Sugar Snap Peas 2lb $5.98
French Bread $1
Sour Cream 500ml 2/$2.98
Pickles 1L 2/$3
Kraft PB 2kg $4.98 limit 2

Safeway 9-15
Lucerene Icecream 4L 2/$8 limit 4
Oven Joy Bread buy 3 and pay $1.19/loaf
Kraft Shredded Cheese 380g $5.99(this is the one you get the coupon for $6 in the Old El Paso taco kits)
On the back of the flyer there is an interesting Club card deal Buy 4 Kraft products and get 3 Free bread! 3 bread is worth $3.57 so if you were buying the puddings for example and they were $1 each that would be $4 total and so your puddings would cost you .43 for 4 packages. Make sense? I'll check it out.

M&M meats has 2lbs of Chicken Nuggets for $5.99..only valid Sept 9-11

Rexall Drugs Sept 9-11
Campbell's soups are 2/$1 limit 6
Rexall facial tissue .49 limit 4
Dove soap 2X90g Lever Body wash

Walmart Sept 9-15

Potatoes 10lbs $2.97
Onions 3lbs $1.27
Brocolli .97
Ravoil 1.13kg $2
Tacos Old El Paso $3.47(free cheese coupon inside)

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