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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mail In Rebates

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Mail In Rebate I found at Extra Foods, click on it to make it bigger.
Between Aug 1- Sept 30, 2013 buy 3 Quaker Bars and a 18 Count Lays Multi pack and get up to $8.99 back.
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I bought this at Extra Foods on Customer Appreciation Day. My total after discounts and MIR is $5.82!
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Are you signed up with Shopper's Voice? This was something they sent me recently. There are coupons out there for $2 off. There is also an Air Wick one the link is through Facebook. The link is here
blog 604
At Walmart you can pick up this free magazine. Inside is a MIR for Lysol No Touch Systems. There is a $5 off coupon out there, I am not sure where it was from. These systems were $9 this week at Walmart. I ended up making $4.92 on this one.
Today I got a check for $10 from PPFD. There wasn't any paperwork with it, just the check inside the envelope. I went through my list of MIRs I am waiting for and it looks like it's the MIR from the Monsters Inc/Brita one. I sent that one July 10 and received it today.
It seems there have been quite a few MIRs lately. More than usual. I try and combine them with coupons and 20X the points days at Shopper's if possible. Otherwise, Customer Appreciation Days are another way to make the most of them. I keep a detailed list in my planner. When I sent it, what MIR it was, and then when I received it. Right now I am waiting for $10 gift card from General Mills, I mailed it July 12. $5 gas card from Kellogg's, this was fun as it was a Checkout 51 offer and I did it on 20X the points day and I get the $5 gas card(can be used for anything, not just gas).I mailed this one Sept 3. 

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