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Friday, September 6, 2013

This Week's Sales in Pictures

blog 009
This Week at Superstore a dozen roses are $7.98 limit 6.
That's just .67/rose!
They also have 1 Kg of cashews on for $10.98 limit 2. Sadly, it says on the back, may contain wheat......long story.
Broccoli bunches are .96.
blog 008
At Canadian Tire the Glad are $1. There are coupons for $2 WYB2 Glad products,making these FREE!(pay the tax)
The Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner is $1.99 and there is a B1G1 Free making them $1 each.
blog 006
At Safeway the 20 pack of Oxi Action Sunlight is B1G1 free. They were $7.65 each plus there  are several coupons for this. The one I used was buy 2 get $4 off making these $3.65 for 40 tabs.
blog 005
Did you do the Pepsico MIR? One of the coupons is a Free Doritos and a Free Mountain Dew. Right now at Safeway Mountain Dew is B1G1 Free.
blog 003
The 3 day sale at Safeway has a couple of great deals. The apple juice is .50 for 1 L limit 12 and the Best Buy Cheeses are on for $5.99, limit 2. The $14.02 one ended up costing $7.65/KG!!! The $13.89 one, $7.71!
They also have the 4 L of ice cream for $3.50.
blog 001
Save On and Coopers have the 8 Kg of rice for $7.99. The 5 lb of carrots were $2.59. The frozen veggies, the 2 Kg size are $3.49.

Marketplace IGA has bananas for .49/lb.

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