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Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Week's Sales

How can you spend the least amount on groceries?
Several things are key for me. I find these things are the most helpful.
1. Menu plan, every week
 2.Use the flyers and my price book to get the best possible deals
3. Have my list with me all week so if I happen to be in the area of the stores with the sales I can pop in and get what's on my list.(I just copy and paste this list of sales into a word pad, take out all my extra comments and print, feel free to do the same if it helps)
4. Try and combine coupons to lower prices of items I am already buying
5.Keep track all month of what I am spending and tally it at the end of the month
6. Use what I have(try to waste nothing)
This week it looks like there are some good deals! Combining these with Customer Appreciation Days(Safeway 10%, Extra Foods 10-15%, Save On 15%)could make for some great deals. My plan is to  see if I can use all my FPC at Safeway on Tuesday. 

Here's my FPC 's I have been saving for Safeway's 10% off day!

Zellers 2-8
Ajax 400g 2/$1
Carnation Milk 3/$4 less coupon $1

I have found that Extra Foods has quite a few deals so spending the $25 minimum should be no problem.

Extra Foods Mar 2-8

(Customer Appreciation Days Mar 5-6 10-15% off)
NN Perogies 2Kg $3.28(S means same price at Superstore)S
Rotini Pasta 1.8-2Kg $2.98 S
NN Oriental Noodles 24 pack $4.78 S
Soft Taco Kits $3.47 S(there are the $4 off meat coupons to go with this, last month I was able to get a small package of ground chicken for $4, therefore free!)
NN Oil 3L $4.98 S
NN TP 24 Dbls $7.98 S

Pineapples $1.96 S
Green Grapes $1.26/lb S
Asparagus $1.46/lb S
Mushrooms 454g $1.98 S

Supertore has the spend $250 get a $25 gift card.

Canadian Tire 2-8

Handi Foil 12' width 500 feet $7.97!!!! This is a screaming deal. I usually buy the huge one at Costco and the cheapest it goes is $16.79 for 650feet. It says sorry no rain checks so I have a feeling it will be all gone end of the day Friday.
Toilet paper I blogged about yesterday
The garbage bags seem to be a great deal 100 for $4.47, but I wonder about the strength anyone use them? I usually buy garbage bags at Costco.

Walmart 2-8

Tomatoes .77/lb
Campbell's Soup .50
Ital Pasta 900g $1
Mimute Maid Juices .57
Purex TP $5.47 12 Dbls use coupons if you have them. Superstore and Extra Foods tp is a better price.

10 pack of sports socks are $5.00(.50 a pair!)

Safeway 2-8
10% off March 6
The boneless skinless chicken breasts are on sale again. $2.99/lb or 4Kg for $26.36 limit 2(10% off makes them $23.72 or $2.70/lb)
Sugar is on 10Kg for $8.99(the last time there was a go deal was at Walmart and it worked out to .82/kg, so this is better)
At 10% off this works out to $8.09 for 10Kg.
So, if you only bought those 2 things you would be at the minimum of $35(actually $35.35). You would get $3.54 off making your grand total $31.81.

Lakeview Markets Feb 27-Mar 4
Cauliflowers .98 each(with coupon)PM(price match)at Walmart if it's closer for you.
They also have a coupon for the boneless skinless chicken breasts 4Kg $26.38 limit 2
Parkay Marg 1.36Kg bricks or 1.28kg soft $2.98(remember Walmart & Superstore will PM)
Green Cabbage 2lbs .98
WF Flour 10kg $6.98(I think Costco is still at $6.48)
Broccoli Crowns .98/lb
No idea why the second picture came in sideways!!!!!!!

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