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Thursday, March 22, 2012

This Week's Sales

This was taken a few weeks ago at sunset by my husband.
Walmart 23-29

Superstore 23-29
This Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste is an awesome deal! If you are used to paying .99 for just the toothbrush, then the 170ml toothpaste costs .98! Limit 4.
Ginger root is .76/lb
Sanji dried beans are 2Kg $3.48
The almonds are 1kg for $7.35!
There is still a $1(websaver) off coupon for any Tenderflake product, it expires March 31, so now is a good time to use it!
 Parkay Marg is 2/$5.94
Oranges work out to ..49/lb. Grapes are a great deal at $1.26/lb. Onions are a great deal at 3lbs/.99.

 This is part of IGA's flyer, it ends on Sat March 24. The pineapple caught my eye...because they are from Hawaii! A Hawaiian pineapple has it's very own special sweet taste....I might have to get one, just for the trip down memory lane!
Grade A Frozen Turkeys, under 7kg .99/lb limit 1
Sunkist Oranges 10lb box $4.99
Cheez Whiz 1kg $4.99

Shoppers 24-30
Saturday is 20X the points if you spend $50
Milk is $4.49(not great)
Eggs $2.59(again not great)
If you buy Crisco it's $1.99 and there is a .75 coupon from insert cookbook in magazine.
Batteries and chargers are $7.99 sat only, there are still coupons for $5 off.

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