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Monday, March 5, 2012

Toilet Paper is Confusing!

Okay, so here's the thing....toilet paper is confusing....serioulsy! I have posted, edited, deleted and now my head hurts. Bottom line....the best way to figure it out is to use sheets per package....period. There's just too many confusing sizes! So, I guess I will have to deal with those awful long decimal numbers! So, I am sorry if I made your head hurt. We will need to take a calculator and work our brains hard, all in order to buy something we flush away.... :(  I am taking one last stab at it. Here it goes.

The tp on at Extra Foods and Superstore right now is 24 rolls of 280 sheets. That means there are 6720 sheets. The price is $7.98 so that means it's .0011875/ sheet.

Compare that to the Purex on for $5.47 for 12 rolls of 270 sheets, 3240. It costs .001688/sheet
If you were to buy the same number of sheets of the NN(6720)at the Purex price .001688 it would cost $11.34.
So, the best deal is the NN tp...and yes the deal gets better as you use the 10-15% off coupon.
I am going to retire from the toilet paper calculations now. I need to lie down.

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