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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flour Prices and Free Skate Sharpening!

I was recently told that there was a tv news story about flour prices being on the rise. I am not much into the doom and gloom or panic thinking that is often "newsy". I have, however noticed that when they say prices of food are going to rise, whether that be coffee, flour or sugar, they usually mean it! So, I would suggest you walk not run to Costco(I was there yesterday and their white flour is still just under $6 for the 10kg) or wherever you have found your brand at the best price and stock up a little!
Free Skate Sharpening at Sport Chek
I know why do we rush into the next season before this one is done? Frustrating...who knew you needed to buy swimsuits by the end of July otherwise they are put away?? Well, here's a freebie that you have to jump on before August 30. Do you even know where your skates are? 3 pairs per person free sharpening! That's a great deal! Enjoy!

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