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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some Deals This Week and a MIR

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Save On and Coopers have cases of Campbell's tomato and cream of mushroom soups for  $5.98 this week.
If use the 3 of Campbell's buy 4 save a $1 coupons, you can get a case for $2.99! That's less than .25 a can! Olden day's prices!
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Old Town Farm Market has cucumbers 3/.99!!!!!
Bananas are .59/lb(or ripe ones are .50/lb)
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Superstore has
Vine tomatoes .88/lb
Watermelons $4.96
Romaine 3 pack $1.96

The stewing beef was marked down making it $2.80/lb!
The strawberries were also marked down. Working out to 94.5/lb!! I didn't find one bad  one!
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This plain yogurt was $1.24 for 750g!
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Walmart had mushrooms 1.5 lbs for $3.33
See below regarding the deodorant.
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Stone Wheat Crackers are $5.79
Yogurt is 2Kg for $4.99(sales on until May 12th if I remember correctly!)
Want to go to the movie cheap? Do you buy Lady's or Men's Speed Stick?
At Walmart there is a MIR form in the aisle display of Lady Speed Stick. They have  Lady Speed Stick on for $2.50 this  week, however if you have the Shoppers flyer you could price match their lower price of $1.99. Even better do you have the coupon for buy 2 Speed stick and get $2 off? So for $2.45(at 12% tax) you get 2 large deodorant and a free movie ticket!
Purchases must be made between May 1, 2013 and Sept 15, 2013

UPDATE!!!! My submission was returned! Seems on the back where it says THIS OFFER CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFER that means no coupons can be used.

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