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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Energizer Max MIR

Starting Friday at RCSS there is a MIR for a $5 gas MasterCard (you can use it for anything, not just gas). The deal is buy a package of Energizer Max batteries, they are $7.97 this week, and get a $5 MasterCard  You can combine that with this week's Checkout 51 offer for $2 cash back on Energizer Max Batteries as well as this printable coupon.
It seems you could order more than one per household, you just need to mail the redemption cards in separately, so you'll need separate receipts.  There are 500,000 cards available.
$7.97(plus tax)
-$5 MasterCard
-$2 Checkout 51
-$1 coupon
You pay for the tax and a stamp.
The fine print is here.
We use rechargeable batteries at our house, except for 9V. They aren't part of this deal.

Energizer® Max AA 8, Max AA 12, 
Max AAA 4, Max AAA 8, Advanced Alkaline AA 8, Advanced Alkaline AAA 4, 
Advanced Lithium AA 4, Advanced Lithium AAA 2, Ultimate Lithium AA 2, Universal 
Rechargeable AA 4, Universal Rechargeable AAA 4, Power Plus Rechargeable AA 4 and 
Power Plus Rechargeable AAA 4

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