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Friday, February 12, 2010

Look at this beauty who was showing off for us!

This week's sales

Superstore Feb 13-19

Buy $250 get a $25 gift card for Superstore

Pineapples 2/$4(Unfortunately they don't taste like Hawaii's, I'd never tasted pineapple like that before!)

Lean ground beef $1.78/lb(yeah! time to make homemade hamburgers with Aunty Lynn!)

Maxwell House Coffee 925g $4.97

Red Peppers 4Ct bag $1.98

Extra Large cauliflower $1.97

Fresh White Mushrooms $1.98/lb

Fuji or McIntosh 5lb $2.48

Bagels 3/.99

Blade Pot Roast $1.98/lb

Minute Maid, Five Alive Juices Fruitopia or Nestea Iced Teas 1.89L $1.47

Old Town Market Feb 10-15

Red and Yellow Peppers .99/lb

Bananas .59/lb

California Green and Red Lettuce .99

Yams .59/lb

Radishes and Green Onions 2/.88

Quality Greens 10-15

Celery .99

Sui Choy .49/lb

Nesters Market Feb 10-13

Head Lettuce 2/$1 limit 2

French Bread .98

Campbell's Soups .50

Every Friday they have Ristorante Pizzas for $3.97 limit 2

IGA Feb 11,12,13

Cornflakes 1.35kg $2.99
Save On has lots of buy one get one...I'll investigate and let you know.
Shopper's 13-19
Armstrong Cheese 340g $2.99
Tortillas 7" (10) $1.99
Cooper's Foods 14-20
Pork Picnic shoulder $1/lb
Canadian Tire

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