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Friday, February 26, 2010

This Week's Sales and Free Coffee

Free Coffee (taken from Redflags site)

Free Coffee from McDonald’s is Back! March 1-14, Get Free Coffee All Day Long! The very popular free coffee promotion from McDonald's is back -- with a bonus! March 1-14, McDonald's is once again offering free (delicious) coffee, but this time they'll be offering it all day long! Previous promotions have been limited to breakfast hours only. When this promotion ran previously (in April and November), there was a limit of one per customer per visit, and it was not available with an extra value meal or value picks. Although full details have not been released, we would suspect the same restrictions would be in place this time.

This Week's Sales

Safeway has decided to change their sale days!!! Now almost all the stores will have the same sale run time! Yeah!!

Safeway 27-Mar 5

Cantaloupe .49/lb
Pineapples are buy one get one free, so if one is $5 or less it's a good deal(ideally $4 is best price for 2)

Shopper's 27-March 12

Eggs $1.99 limit 2

Superstore 27-Mar 5

Free $25 Gift Card if you spend $250
Smoked Picnic Pork Shoulder .97/lb
Asparagus $1.77/lb
Romaine Lettuce .78
Russet Potatoes or Russet 20lb $3.86
Fruitopia,Five Alive and Nestea 1.89L $1.47

PC Long Distance Card 50% off coupon in flyer(or message me and I'll email you one if you can't get a flyer) $20 card for $10!!! Their rate is 4 cents a minute no gimmicks, now it's 2 cents!!!!

Zellers 26-March 4

Ragu .99

Old Town Market 24-March 1

Red Peppers .99/lb
Bananas .59/lb
Pineapples $2.50
Green onions .44

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