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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Freebies and 10% off at Zellers

Here's a freebie that is going fast! They originally had 1000 to give away and they were gone so quickly they reoffered with this! Hurry, so you don't miss this one!

Also, at Zellers Nov 13 &14 th get 10% off with this coupon!

Finally, McDonald's is offering free coffee Nov 15-28th.

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mrs.shopper said...

Great deal hunting, Sue! When I went to my local PharmaPlus, they were hiding those electronic discount cards so I think they were not using them for everybody but it's a guess. I kind of reminded them when it was my turn at the cash counter. My luck they were out of some of the sale items Sat. a.m. but did get rain checks. Mrs. Shopper