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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Picasa and Free 2500 Optimum points

I was working on my free photo album and I thought I'd share a way to make calendar and photobook making easier. There's a free program called Picasa and it's awesome! Just download it and then when you have your library open you will see icons on the bottom that say upload, email,print, export, shop, blog this, collage, movie and geo tag. Just hit shop and a list of different sites that allow you to use Picasa are shown. I use Shutterfly. Highlight all the photos you'd like to upload and walk away!!! It's soooo much easier than the traditional way of one file at a time.

Want 2500 Optimum Points?
Call 1-877-888-5348. They will ask you to demo their upcoming prescription phone line. You enter your shoppers optimum card and listen for about a minute and they will give you 2500 points.(in about 4-6 weeks)

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