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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 Months Super Channel Free

We are presently subscribed to Shaw. We have a 6months $9.95 HD package. While watching hubby noticed that they were advertising free Superchannel for 3 months. Today I called this number 1-888-472-2222. I was told I could choose from Superchannel which included channels 161, 162, 163, 164(in our area) or Movie Central which is HBO and Movie Central 1,2, 3(55,56,57,58). The man I spoke with said personally he'd pick Movie Central. I said okay. We talked about it costing $17 after the 3 month trial and he said I could call up in exactly 3 months and cancel(no prior notice needed). Then he wondered if I had anymore questions. I said I wondered about a show I had seen advertised on Superchannel, would I get it with Movie Central? He put me on hold and came back to say I could have the Movie Central Package for free as well as the Superchannel! This is another $17/month after the promotion period. Don't forget to ask! He also explained that I could use Shaw on Demand to watch tv shows and movie on Superchannel or Movie Central for free after it had aired and for 24 hours. I will have to figure this part out! New movies just released from the video store are $5.95 on Shaw on Demand.(at Blockbuster they are $4.99 plus tax, $5.60). Nice to snuggle in with all this cold!

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