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Monday, November 29, 2010

And my children will teach me.....

The other day we needed a scientific calculator for math. I remember buying one years ago when they were $75!!! So, we are in the store and in a hurry. I see one at the end of the aisle for $15 with limited time offer(buy quickly!). I grab it and am ready to bolt! My girl says," Mom let's go down the aisle, remember end of the aisle isn't good!"(ha! I told her that, have I forgotten??) Long story short, she only needed certain functions on her scientific calculator. The math teacher had stressed that they only needed one that did these things and no more. She found the same brand just less functions(less complicated??) for $8.97!! Well, as far as I am concerned after paying $50 for a used one many years ago, $15 was great! But, $8.97 is even better! Remember(and hopefully I will next time)end of the aisle is usually not the best place to find good prices and bolting can be costly!

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