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Thursday, November 4, 2010

This Week's Sales

Quick! These deals are short lived. The peanut butter at Cooper's 2kg $3.99(limit 2)until Nov 6
Costco has the Catelli Spaghetti 1.81Kg $3.99 their sales end Nov 7.

Canadian Tire Nov 6 only Door Crashers
White Swan facial tissue 125's 2/$1
Comet 480g 2/$1

Flight Sales
Seems there may be a flight deal out there?
For West Jet(flights in Canada) you need promo code DES10 and coupon code 5SBKVQ3

Air Canada N4RA2Q61 if you are booking a Tango or Tango Plus flight for North America

Porter Airlines use SNUG20 to book a flight anywhere

Rexall Nov 5-18
They have sent out a coupon book in the mail. In it they promote brandsaver coupons and using them in conjunction with their coupon book(this is called stacking).Ihave never tried this, but I will!
Royale facial tissue 2 ply 132's or 3ply 88's .49
Rexall Paper towel 2 rolls .49
Christie cookies 170g-350g .99!!!!(limit 4)
Reach, Colgate or Gum toothbrushes asst, as well as Colgate toothpaste for kids 75ml .99
Gold Seal Salmon 213g .99(limit 4)

Shoppers Nov 6-12
Nov 7&8 only
Simply Foods 235g .99 limit 4
Life Brand Facial Tissue .59 limit 4
Stayfree and Carefree Pads and Pantiliners $1.99 limit 4
Everyday Market Tuna 170g .69 limit 4
Antibacterial Mouthwash $1.49
Life brand juice 10X200ml $1.99

Rest of the week
Milk 4L $3.99
Large White Eggs $1.99(limit 2)

Zellers Nov 5-11
Saporito Oil 3L $2.99!!!(says limited time offer)
Saporito Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml $2.99!!(again limited time)
Country Harvest Bread 675g $2.29

Bargain Shop until Nov 12
Campbell's Soups 284ml 2/$1
Canned Mandarin oranges 284ml .50
Nov 6 &7 only
Maltagliati Pasta 900g $1 limit 4

Superstore Nov 5- 11

Gas coupon buy $100 worth of groceries and get .10cents a litre off gas
$150 worth get .15
$200 worth get .25
Outside round roast AAA $1.98/lb
NN Farmer's Sausage $3.18/lb(Lowest ever for this brand and Superstore but Harvest at Costo has gone to $2.82/lb)
French Bread $1
Neilsen Yogurt 3/$1 175g
Fresh parsley or cilantro 2/1.00
English Muffins 6's $1

Rona Nov 6&7
For every $100 you spend you get $10 gift card
Chapters Nov 9&10
15% off for moms here

Vaseline intensive care! Free if you LIKE them on your Facebook account....why not open another Facebook account just for LIKING??? This link sends you to Vaseline's facebook where you need to answer 5 skin questions..when you are done you will be sent to have a free account to get the coupons).They will send you a coupon for $5.99 bottle of Vaseline Intensive Care.
Free 120z Seattle's Best coffee at Burger King fridays in November!

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