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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

15,000 Aeroplan Miles, Dec 4th only

Aeroplan and Rexall are teaming up to give you 15000 points if you change over your prescription on Sat, Dec 4! My brother emailed me this morning to let me know, THANKS!
I always thought that Aeroplan cards had fees, but I was wrong. You can easily get a card here.

If you are willing(and have any prescription, it sounds like it doesn't have to be an on going one)to switch you can get yourself 15000 Aeromiles. Hubby and wife both can get a free card and if you both have prescriptions, viola 15,000 points each!
So, what can you get for those Aeromiles? Looks like about $100 worth of gift cards. It says it's good for a flight(you can click on the chart or any of the pictures to see a bigger version)Short Haul(not sure where that is)in Canada. Of course, you have to pay the taxes and that long list of other stuff...But, still, not bad!

The fine print:

Offer valid at participating Rexall/Rexall Pharma Plus locations only in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, North West Territories and Manitoba. Members cannot earn miles on prescriptions in the province of Ontario. Aeroplan Miles will be credited to your Aeroplan account within 10 business days.

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