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Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Movie and This Week's Sales

Blockbuster is giving a free"favorites" 7 day rental this Oct 31 and Nov 1. It's not a new release. One per account. Just click on free and print the coupon.
Nesters Market is having a sale(good until Oct 30th) on boneless Pork Sirloin Chops(Fresh) $1.98/lb
High Liner Fish and Chips 550g-600g $2.98(they were out when I was there yesterday, but said they'd have more today)
Hershey's Candy 39g-62.5g BOGO free
Superstore Oct 29-Nov 4
Spend $250 get $25 gift card
NN Icecream 4L $3.98
Pork Spareribs breast bone removed $1.98/lb
Fresh Pineapple $2.47
3lb bag of onions .96!!!
10lb bag of red onions $4.98(great if a bunch of people wanted to split this, the usual price is around double)
Fresh Opo Squash .78/lb(anyone cooked with this and want to share??)
NN Peanut Butter 2kg $4.98($4.88 is lowest for this NN brand)
NN Perogies 2kg $2.98(lowest is $2.88)
NN Tomato or Cream of Mushroom soup 12X284ml $3.98 limit 2
Oct 30-31 Spend 50,000 points and instead of getting $85 you get $100
95,000 points and instead of getting $170 you get $200
does anyone know if there is an increase in any of the lower levels?
Save On
Oct 29-31 only pork buttons(frozen).99/lb
rest of the week Oct 31-Nov 5 There are lots of BOGO free coupons
Chicken Legs(fresh)$1.49/lb
Russet Potatoes 20lb bag is $4.99
Cooper's Oct 31-Nov 6
There is a $10 off coupon in the flyer If the box is $29 or less it's a great deal(before the $10 off)
WF Peanut Butter is $3.99 for 2kg!!!limit 2
Walmart Oct 29-Nov 4th
Cauliflower is $1.47
Boneless Skinless chicken breasts and thighs are $10 a to know if this is a good deal? Find a pack that is 4lbs or heavier! Sometimes you can get great deals this way, but you really need to know you prices and watch.
Stayfree pads are $1.99 for 18 great price(says limited time offer)
Advil 100's + 20's $8.97(if you have a coupon, all the better)

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