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Friday, October 15, 2010

This Week's Sales and Flight Sale

This Week's Sales

Superstore 15-21
Lean Ground Beef $1.88/lb(lowest $1.38/lb)
European Formula Shampoo 1L $1.99 each
Kellogg's Cereals 515-850g $4 Now these have $5 gas card redeemable forms inside. So, if you buy the cereal, fill out the form(5/family)and mail it in. They will send you a $5 gas card(anyone know which gas station it's for?). The fine print....One request per of 5 per household.
Bottom line is $4 for the cereal, .57 for the stamp(unless you bought them at 10%off), you get $5 gas card. So, you made .43 and got cereal. Good deal if it works! I am trying it.
Club Pack of frozen pork half loins $1.88/lb
Ziggy's Black Forest Ham .87/100g
Bagels 2/$4(.33/bagel)package of 6
20lb Potatoes $4.88
Kikkoman soy sauce 1.89L $4.98(limit 4)
Fresh yellow or brown Asian pears
Kiwis 4/$1
NN English Muffins(6's)$1
Terra Olive Oil 1L $5
NN Pasta 900g 4/$5
NN soda crackers 2/$3
Neilson Yogurt 750g $1!!!!limit 4
NN Frozen Spinach 300g $1

Save On Foods
Oct 15-17 only Chicken Wings 3Kg $12.99(last time they were on sale here they were $9.99!)this is still a good deal as chicken wings at $4.80/kg is good normally and this works out to $4.33/kg(limit 4)
Campbell's Chunky Soup $1.49(limit 6)there were coupons for buy 2 get $1 off at Save on, so that would mean these would be .99!
Rest of the week 17-23
Red Grapes .99/lb

I have recently spent sometime on the Smart Canucks is amazing! Someone is working very hard! Not only do they tell you what the deals are, but they also have freebies and they show you how to combine the week's sales, with coupons, and where to find them! Well done!
Quality Greens 13-18th
Apples .49/lb(BC)
Cabbage .39/lb(BC)
Green Peppers .79/lb(BC)
Bananas .59/lb

Old Town Farm Market 17-23
Red Peppers .99/lb
Bananas .59/lb
Pineapple 2/$5

West Jet is having a flight sale. It ends today Oct 15th. The deal is you must book today, fly Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs, travel by Feb 10,2011(black out dates are Dec 18-Jan 4).
Green Grapes .99/lb


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, great site!
I have gotten the $5 gas card and they can be tricky as the staff at the gas places haven't seen them before. They come with directions and you are supposed to be able to use them at any gas stations that accept mastercard which is all of them.
However, the staff makes it difficut to use as they are like gift cards, must pay the difference first, then have the $5off at the end of the transaction. My suggestion is to just get $5 gas and then pay with them. Don't go to $5.01 or they can't figure it out (Petrocan can't anyhow). I stop at 4.99 and then just pay with the card, then go back and start the pump again in a new transaction to finish your fill and pay again. Read the directions they come with and bring them in as the staff people i have run into aren't too good with these cards and argue that you can't pay with two different methods though I am sure there's a way. My second card didn't work at all, so I will have to send it back into them, it may have become deactivated. Good Luck. its still $25 of free gas!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! I love the FINE PRINT help! I am always loving learning how to get the most of these deals, but often times it's things like this that trip us up! I really appreciate you taking the time to pass on some helpful facts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually I went to use another of the cards today and I forgot, you need to call in to activate it first. Oops. So there's a few steps but yeah, $25 of free gas is nothing to ignore. My teenagers eat loads of these sugary cereals so may as well get some gas for them to use up as well, LOL.
Again, thanks for the great blog as I am enjoying it. I Saw it on

Sue said...

Thanks! Love any tips! Any time! Saving money in Winnipeg rocks!