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Friday, October 8, 2010

So, I have had people ask me why I don't promote the points stuff more. Every where you turn you get points for shopping. Save on more points, Superstore points, Shopper's Optimum points, and lots more! So, is it worth it? Well, first of all if you are shopping there anyway and it doesn't cost to join it can be beneficial to you.

So, why does the store do it?

They do it because they KNOW you will be tempted to buy things just because of the points you will get. Things you might not normally buy, things that aren't on sale. So, we must count the cost. How many Shopper's Optimum Points do you really get? Normally you get 10 points for every $1. This is 1cent.

This Saturday they will give you 20X the points or 200 points per $1, that is equal to .25 cents for every $1 you spend this Saturday. Now the stipulation is you have to buy $50 in order to get the 20X points. $50 worth would be 500 points X 20 that's 10,000 points which is equivalent to about $12.50. So, let's pretend I am going to buy only the good deals.

I definitely want the butter as this is a screaming price 4 Butter $10, the shrimp ring I need for the weekend and it's a good deal (especially nice that it comes with shrimp sauce) that's $3.99, the TP is a good deal so I'll get 4 X $4.49=$17.96 The paper towel is $1.99X4=$7.96. Christie Cookies and Crackers $1.49X4=$5.96 So, we are at $45.87 already! The coffee is a good deal(925g)$4.69 and so I am at $50.56! There are still several things I will buy because they are on sale! Now the challenge will be whether or not they have all these things in stock tomorrow.

The bottom line is $50.56 worth of on sale things I would have bought anyways will cost $12.50 less or $38.06(I left out the taxes to keep it less complicated).

Way below.....

Points Required100% rewardneed to spendpercentage

(sorry I was so happy I learned how to make a table and then actually import it into blogger!! But it just sits down there at the bottom of the page!) Way at the bottom of the page is my handy dandy chart showing you how many Shopper's Points you get for each increment of points, for 8000 points you can have $10.00 worth of products at Shopper's. You will have spent $800 to get to that level without a 20X event. This is a return on your money of 1.25%. The higher the level you go to, the better the return, but remember you have to spend that much at one time in order to redeem your points, not counting prescriptions, stamps, gift cards, bus passes, passport photos, etc...

So, I just buy things there when they are on sale and I don't usually pay too much attention to the points, except when there are a bunch of things on sale on 20X the points day!

So, that's part one of what could be many posts on the fine print about points!

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FB @ said...

The only points program that has worked for me is PC points.

20,000 points = $20

Perfectly fine for me, considering to get the points, I just rack them up by using my Mastercard everywhere