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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Cereal

It's on again....$5 credit cards when you purchase Kellogg's Miniwheats, Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loop.(that's all we saw, maybe there's more?). Last time they did this the cereal was $4 :( . You can buy unlimited amounts at Save On for $4.99 a box. At Superstore they are $4.97 but there's a limit of 2. For a refresher on the fine print read the last post I did on it here.
Once you mail away for your maximum of 5 gas cards and then you receive them you can use them at any store for anything, not just gas. The gas seems to be the most complicated way to use them.
Also, a little you ever need a credit card online to sign up, or do something? You can use this one! I have done it, it's quite nice if you don't really want to give your credit card number out.
Also, there is a chance you'll win $500.
Maybe you will be the one who wins the $500!!! Please let me know if you do!

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