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Friday, June 29, 2012

Once Again About the Cereal

This week Safeway is having the Kellogg's cereals 3/$12 again. I decided to take some pictures and show some scenarios for saving money on cereal.(Have you guessed yet that I am a very visual person? I love pictures attached so I can SEE, I hope this is helpful to you.) If you can combine this with 10% off day, of course that's best. Also, if you can get the cereal that has the free items....YEAH! This week if you buy 6 cereals you get 100 airmiles. For those of you who saw the flyer you can see on the front they are offering 100 airmiles if you spend $100, so comparatively this is a better deal for your dollar! If you got the recent coupons from Kellogg's here's what I found. The All Bran is $4/box less $1 coupon makes it $3 for the 525g size. Combine that with 10% off day and you get it for $2.60.

The Raisin Bran is $4-$1=$3 or $2.60 for the 675g size.

Vector cereal is not on sale, the 850g size is $9.99-$1=$8.99 or $8.10.

The 850g Mini Wheats are $6.49. The buy one get one free coupon means you 850g X 2 for $6.49-.65=$5.84 for 2 big boxes. These boxes get 100 airmiles when you buy 5.

Sorry about the glare! The Kellogg's Corn flakes are $4 for the 650g size. The coupon is  for  B1 G1 free so this cereal would be $4 for 2 650g boxes less .40 on 10% off day, so $3.60 for 2 boxes.
Here's a picture with less glare showing both the B1G1 and the $1 off coupons for the Corn Flakes. Using the $1 off coupon you'd pay $2.60 for the 650g box.

The Rice Kripisies are $6.49 for the 640g size and this coupon is for B1G1 free, so for  2  boxes of  Rice Krispies you'd pay $6.49 less .65 or $5.84. These are part of the buy 5 get 100 AMs too.

The same box also has a $1 off coupon. Making it $5.49-.65=$4.84 for the 640g.

The Frosted Flakes are $6.49 - $1- .65=$4.84 for the 680g size. Again this is part of the  buy 5 for 100 air miles.

I couldn't find many free breakfast item boxes, but here's one! The Mini Wheats centres are $1 and there is the $1.50 off coupon, making it $2.50-.40=$2.10 for the 510g size.

Here's the Mini Wheats again, but with the $1 off coupon, making it $6.49-$1-.65=$4.84. Again, this is part of the  buy 5 get 100 air miles.

Here's another buy 5 get 100 cereal. The Froot Loops 580g for $6.49-$-.65=$4.84.

Lastly, there is the Frosted Flakes 680g, part of the buy 5. So, for $5.84 you get 680g of cereal.

So, here's a breakdown of all of that
for the Buy 6 get 100 Air miles.
Mini Wheats centers 510g $2.10(plus free breakfast item)
All Bran 525g $2.60
Raisin Bran 675g $2.60
Corn Flakes 650 g $2.60
Corn  Flakes 2 X 650g $3.60
Vector 850g $8.10
So, if you bought everything but the Vector, you would have your 6 items. For $13.50 you would get 3660g of cereal, plus you'd get $3.79 off for your free breakfast item.(this is using the yogurt)so $9.71 for 3660g worth a cereal and a 650g yogurt.
Plus 100 Air Miles!
For the Buy 5 get 100 Air Miles
Froot Loops 580g $4.84
Mini Wheats 850g $4.84
Rice Krispies640g $5.84
Rice Krispies  2 X 640g $5.84
Frosted Flakes 680g $4.84
If you bought everything but the one 640g RK, you'd pay
$20.36 for 3390g of cereal. Plus 100 Air Miles!Obviously, from these calculations the buy 6 is a better deal!
Running from July 3-6 Safeway is having a buy $75 get a $10 savings reward card to be spent July 7-12 WYB$75 worth of groceries. As, we don't yet have the flyer, it's hard to say whether this will be worthwhile or not.
Have a great shop!

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