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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Safeway Friday Deals and More

The evening skies have been just stunning!

I got my Safeway flyer and thought I better pass on the Friday only deals!

Blueberries are 2lbs for $5! (limit 2) Great time to freeze some!
Bacon is 2/$5.

Here's the rest of the 3 day sales. Lobster anyone?
The grapes look like a good price, but Superstore and Extra Foods are having a 2lb container for $1.88(or .94/lb!).

The rest of the week they have Ovenjoy bread $1.49(Remember the good old days when they sold 10 loaves for $7.90??)

They have a Christie crackers promo where you buy 3 and get one free. If you were to buy 3 @ $2.50, it would cost you $7.50 for 4 boxes or $1.88 each(they are on sale at Shoppers, Saturday only for $1.88 and there's a limit of 4). Remember there are coupons for save .75 WYB2, so that would make it $1.50/ box!

Kellogg's cereals are 3/$10 if you get your Kellogg's coupons in time and get the free breakfast item, this could be a smoking deal! Plus Airmiles!!!!     :)

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