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Friday, June 15, 2012

This Week's Sales

I shopped early this morning at Safeway and was able to get the blueberries, 2lbs for $5 and
3 Kellogg's Cereal for $10 less the $3 in coupons below, plus 30 Airmiles, AND 3 free breakfast items.
So, by my calculations $10-$3-$3.47 X3 =I am ahead of the game by $3.41! 
These coupons expire on the 18th so if you have them now is the time to use them!
I was also able to get the same price on the blueberries when I stopped at Superstore, I didn't see a limit.
They did this last week for the Friday only deals, they lowered their price to Safeway's or a cent under, just for the day! I right away washed some and let them air dry a bit and then put them on the cooking sheet and froze them so they wouldn't clump together in the freezer bag.

The grapes are on at both Superstore and Extra Foods. They come in a small plastic box that just seems nice to me.

Mangoes are $5.96 for a case. I like to cut these up and freeze them for smoothies!

Country Harvest Bread is 2/$4.98.

Interesting aside...I always watch for clearance meat and I have noticed the sticker  says 25% off. When  I  went to the cash register it rang in as 30% off. When I pointed it out to the cashier he just said, oh yeah it does that?????
I was brave again and went to Save On and stacked coupons!
I showed the young cashier my coupons and asked if I was able to do this, she said sure can. Then she congratulated me on getting such a good deal! Wow!

These are the coupons I used and the copy of Save On's policy I keep with me.
I highlighted the stacking fine print as it's confusing with each store having different rules!

Walmart has corn 3/$1, cucumbers are .77. They carry the free Pure Energy Bar if you are still  looking for it. It's  in the pharmacy section and in our store there are 2 aisles with energy bars so you may need to check both to find it.
Their bacon is $2!!!

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